IBM Certifications: Jobs, Training, & Exams

IBM has been an industry leader in information technology since the beginning of personal computers. Our guide to IBM Certifications: Jobs, Training, & Exams is designed to walk you through some of the different opportunities available with IBM.  It’s natural that they have a unique set of training programs, opportunities, and certifications for those who want to have a deeper knowledge with one of the original sources of IT.  Roughly speaking, IBM offers over 200 certifications and exams in 11 broad categories. Our hope is to prime you on what IBM offers and some of the popular courses that can help you become more competitive in the world of Information Technology.

IBM Cert_2

Why go through IBM?

IBM, as we mentioned earlier, is one of the oldest tech companies around. In an industry where old means overs two decades, IBM has been operating since 1911. Because of the vast amount of contribution to computer science over the last century and the sheer amount of influence they have had, they have a huge impact on the IT world. IBM has instant brand recognition for sales, brand loyalty, and world-class cutting edge solutions to today’s tech problems. On top of a long legacy and massive market shares, IBM professionals are in high demand. Try browsing any job website such as Monster or and you are bound to find a need for IBM trained professionals.

Whether it’s for higher wages, to be more competitive in the market, or the satisfaction and confidence to be amazing at your job, IBM certifications are designed to push you further and faster in your career. Exams such as the C5050-380 (Cloud Platform Solution V2) show employers that you are certified and capable of the skills that deserve high wages and responsibilities. Currently IBM offers 11 categories of certifications but that doesn’t mean they go light on the offerings. There are over 200 certifications offered covering everything from Analytics to the legendary Watson Super Computer. The picture below shows the 11 certification categories that are offered by IBM.

IBM Cert

IBM offers these courses to help familiarize IT professionals with specific IBM systems and solutions in order to become proficient and better at all things IBM related. For those who are outside of the IBM eco-system, all the technical terms can be a bit mystifying, but basically these certifications are geared toured those that support, sell, or implement IBM products and solutions.

What’s the testing process look like?

Like many other tech certifications, taking exams for IBM is done through the testing provider Pearson Vue. The website offers online registration for exams and a comprehensive list of all the IBM pathways available. Typically testing involves driving to a testing center where a proctored test is being given. Normally an exam will last anywhere from 1-3 hours and include 25-150 questions relating to a specific subject and certification. Most certifications can be acquired in under two exams but some of the more advanced and unique certs require up to five exams. Studying is a must as the technology changes regularly but basic IBM practice exams can be found here.

Sometimes you can find promotional IBM certifications. As strange as that sounds, testing can be expensive and the IBM testing community has offered some high-quality free options. Recently conferences such as InterConnect 2017 have been offering free exams for a weekend or span of time.

Due to the sheer amount of certifications, having an exhaustive guide is near impossible so we will highlight some common exams that make you a huge boon in the tech world.

Picking a cert you love to get a job you love

Picking a category can be challenging, especially when the categories are as broad as Cognitive Solutions and Watson IoT. It’s a fantastic problem to have though! There are literally hundreds of paths IBM allows you to take but there is little reason to be intimidated, these paths often lead to great jobs and opportunities. Since there is so much variety in what is offered, finding an acceptable certification is as simple as looking at what work you are passionate about and pursuing a related path.

One of the neat things about IBM certifications is that the process is relatively straight-forward and often involves a single exam for a certification. The technical requirements are no slouch though, it may take a lot of work and effort to pass an exam, but since IBM requires fewer exams with a vast array of options, IBM allows you to tailor make your career path. Be forewarned, technical knowledge is necessary though as just picking a certification will require some level of proficiency with technologies and industry terms.

Some categories are also significantly larger than others. For instance IBM Analytics and IBM Cloud together currently offer over 170 certifications. We wouldn’t offer an IBM Certifications: Jobs, Training, & Exams guide though if we couldn’t illuminate the IBM testing eco system a little bit.

IBM offers both a wide-range of certifications for beginners and advanced professionals. They also offer separate mastery certs for those business professionals who have extensive knowledge and years of experience in a particular field.

Certifications that make employers throw themselves at you

There is a certification for everybody nestled amidst the IBM database but these certs are some of the best options for starting work with IBM solutions and products,

IBM Certified Solution Architect – Cloud Platform Solution V2:

Cloud set-ups are quickly become the norm today and the demand has been rising steadily for the last decade. IBM offers a premium certification on designing, implementing, and architecting cloud platforms. This certification is designed for a CSA to be able to finish cloud related tasks with minimal input and supervision. The C5050-380 exam tests this proficiency and can be taken with without meeting any pre-requisites as well.

IBM certified solution advisor – DevOps V1:

DevOps isn’t actually a program so much as a philosophy, similar to learning Agile. In many modern day working environments, collaboration and efficiency is an art in itself. The DevOps 1 exam C5050-300 is designed to test how you can share and teach the underlying concepts of DevOps development to stakeholders. Basically, as a philosophy DevOps can revolutionize the workflow of an office but they need advocates to share the concepts, train, and advise. For the tech minded person who loves team exercises and teaching workflow, this is a stellar career choice!

IBM Certified Solution Advisor – Cloud Reference Architecture V5:

While we have been transitioning to Cloud computing as an industry, there are still many who don’t understand the purpose and need for the Cloud. The C5050-287 exam is designed for people who can explain the perks of using IBM for Cloud based solutions and help clients realize the benefits of this system. Similar to a brand evangelist, the CSA Cloud Reference Architect can walk into a business and show them why they should convert to the IBM eco-system. This Cert is great for those in sales but also getting a foot in the door with an upper-level tech concept.

There is something unique about these three certifications as well. All of them were offered for free at the recent InterConnect 2017 conference. IBM seeks to help mobilize an army of tech savvy IT workers and has done a great job of offering free alternatives for those learning to grow in knowledge and skill.

I’m certified, but how the heck do I find a job?

Before diving into a cert and making the commitment to study and spend hundreds on tests, you need to know what a cert can really do for you. Since IBM professionals are in high demand, finding a job stateside is not really that challenging. IBM though takes it a step further and offers a member site that allows those with certs to create a profile and advertise themselves. This means that the gamut of people who will encounter your certification level online will they themselves be looking for a highly proficient worker who specializes in IBM systems. It’s similar to LinkedIn but purely for IBM professionals. Finding a high-quality job is quite easy though as the demand for IBM qualified professionals is HUGE these days.

Picking a cert is impossible! How can I make the process easy?

Informational videos can be found about the process on the IBM YouTube channel,  that walk you through all the aspects of certification with IBM as well. They do a fantastic job of walking you through the process of selecting an IBM certification, the value in getting a badge, and what options are offered through IBM.

And now you are a step closer to your dream job

Thank you for joining us for our guide on IBM Certifications: Jobs, Training, and Exams. Hopefully you learned something new and if this guide has helped you make the decision to pursue certification with IBM, please like, share, and comment as well! We want to know how you feel! As always, check back for more tech guides and good luck in pursuing your dreams!

How to Study Efficiently when Preparing for an Exam

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Have you ever spent hours preparing for an exam without getting the result you hoped for? You are not alone. The problem is not the amount of time spent studying, but likely the efficiency with which we study. Maximizing your efficiency will not only allow for less time spent studying, but also ensure that what you’ve studied really sinks in.

Now that the semester has begun and exam period is once again around the corner, here are five tips to make sure you study as efficiently as possible when preparing for your next exam.

1. Break it up

When studying for long periods of time, you are more likely to remember what was first and last and forget what was in between. To make sure you remember the most material possible, divide your study time into smaller sessions. Try studying for 25 minutes at a time, with a 5 minute break in between. This may seem short, but you will get much more out of your time this way.

2. Work in a team

Working with a partner or even a small group gives you the opportunity to see the material from a different perspective and learn some new tricks. Even if your friend is not in the same courses or, having a designated study partner will keep you both accountable, motivated and on track. On top of that, the social interaction will make studying more stimulating so that you are more likely to remember what was reviewed.

3. Be well rested

Pulling all-night study sessions may seem like a good idea at the time, but these actually do very little for our effiency. Take time to study when you are fresh and awake (a coffee can help, but you shouldn’t need 3 to keep your eyes open). Being well rested means being more alert, which will allow you to retain much more information. Try reviewing your notes after a good night’s sleep or even after a quick work out.

4. Don’t memorize


5. Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to remember what you’ve learned is to apply it, which means practice, practice, and more practice! Use as many practice questions, textbook quizzes and in class tests as you can. You can get your hands on some past exams, quizzes and in class study material at StuDocu, which will give you the best idea of what to expect come exam time.

This blog post is written by Julia Stamp from

Guide to the HP Certification System!

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Getting certified with HP much like most certification paths, is a bit mystifying at first. This guide will walk you through the path to certification through Hewett-Packard so that you can see if HP certification is for you! Our guide to HP certifications breaks down the two major paths at HP and will help you make an informed decision on what to study. Making a life-changing decision to start a new career or learn a new skill can be challenging but we are here to help!

Hewett-Packard does more than sell laptops

Most people think of HP as a simple provider of desktop computers and laptops at your medium sized electronics chain store. The reality is that HP has high-level tech solutions for some of the greatest needs in technical fields today. For instance, HP Server Automation Enterprise Edition is competitive priced automated server software that they sell to help run data centers. Often these solutions are not common knowledge, even for those used to working in the Windows or Linux ecosystem.  Learning about HP can greatly enhance the variety of tools at your disposal to solve the world’s most complex IT problems. That being said, HP does sell laptops as well and someone has to fix them. There is a career for everyone, even those with no interest in HP Server Automation Architecture.

Guide to the HP Certification system_1

Why HP certification?

Whether it’s HP Server Automation Architecture or basic networking, technical knowledge is changing at an insane pace these days. Hewett-Packard has numerous courses that prepare you for a wide range of careers and technical fields such as HP Cloud Service Automation, that take you from an entry level tech to a qualified individual. They also specialize in using Aruba based products for those who are interested in learning the proprietary hardware and software of HP. Aruba works from top to bottom, from server to access point, and is a great solution for business needs.

Guide to the HP Certification system_2

Hewett-Packard Vs. Hewett-Packard Enterprise

As Hewett Packard grew they eventually began creating in house products as well as offering a range of basic tech products such as laptops. This created the need to split certification into two different cert companies, HP and HP Enterprise. The difference is primarily in the intensity and scale of the training needed. While HP is focused on smaller solutions such as troubleshooting a desktop computer, HPE is focused on more intensive paths such as fulfilling HP Server Automation Requirements and learning Cloud Based System Maintenance.

To start looking at exams, visit

The two paths of HPE

Choose your path wisely! On top of the difference between HP and HPE, Enterprise itself offers two different paths for certification that fall under the broad category of sale focused and technically focused. From those two categories, HP has certifications in many different categories.

HP offers certification and training in the following subjects: Networking, Operating Systems, Servers, Software-Defined Infrastructure and Cloud, Storage, and Partner Restricted – Sales certifications.

The reason there are so many options is that HPE has self-developed technology in both the Hardware and Software sector that you have to become familiar with.

Guide to the HP Certification system_3

Which Certification is for me?

This is why you are reading our guide to the HP certification system! Picking a cert can be hard! The advantage to HP offering so many paths is that there is a certification for everyone. Even those who traditionally do not find themselves looking to enter into a highly technical field can find themselves entering a career based on the HPE sales models. There are A LOT of options, so we boil it all down to a few good starter courses below that you can take in order to learn the system and eventually make a more informed decision.

To look at the enterprise certifications, go here.

What do they mean by Partner Restricted?

Some HP paths have what is known as a HPE Partner Restricted certifications. These special certs are reserved for authorized employees of HPE or an authorized partner such as a reseller or OEM worker.

I want to be certified but will it take years?

To become certified takes multiple tests that usually cost around $100 to $200 dollars each.

There are four skill levels for all HPE Technical courses, Entry, Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced. As with most courses, these levels build upon each other meaning that to reach Advanced level, one needs a larger skillset and quite a bit of experience. In fact, at the advanced levels, learning is tested in unique ways from labs to even a board of review, meaning that those at the advanced levels are highly trained. Meanwhile the sales certs have only one skill level. Despite the difficulty level being known by this nomenclature, the actual job role may have a different title. These levels range from Product Certified, Professional ATP, Expert Level ASE, and Master level ASE.

This means that some tests will take a minimal time to study for (A couple of weeks) and others a couple of years as experience and foundational knowledge is necessary. Still, be not discouraged! The entry level to most HP certifications is approachable and easy. HP offers a multitude of paths to equip yourself for exams.

Guide to the HP Certification system_4

How to get certified

First, you have to pick your certification. Sometimes this is a complex course involving a long period of study and multiple exams. Other times it is simply an exam that shows you are an advanced or expert level user of an HP system or product.

Common Exams to start with

It can be a bit overwhelming to pick from the hundreds of available exams as well as walk through HPE certification. We recommend starting with an exam such as the HP2-H27 (Servicing HP Desktops, Notebooks, and Workstations). This entry level exam will walk through some basic tech needs of the HP infrastructure and give you the foundational knowledge necessary to make an informed decision about which direction to take.

Another common exam is the HP0-Y52 Exam also known as FlexNetwork fundamentals. Networking is such an important skill in the IT world and literally every computer with internet or LAN access encounters it. FlexNetwork teaches basic concepts of networking such as configuring routers and switches and the idea behind networks. This crucial exam can prepare you for a lifetime of career possibilities!

For those interested in sales, the HPE2-W01 is a great option for large scale industrial selling. HPE2-W01 deals with the Aruba ecosystem and how to approach new clients and show them solutions using Aruba. This incredible course is great for those with an entrepreneurial spirit who really get the IT needs of the industry.

A bit easier on the technical side for a sales exam is that of the HP2-B143 (Selling HP as a service). This exam path deals with certifying you in sales by learning the necessary pathway to show people that HP can offer products as a service. This means maintaining and extending the lifespan of a product range (And as many places do, dabbling in leases as well).

For those who are forward thinking, HPE0-D33, navigating the journey to the cloud, is the perfect exam. The nebulous Cloud is a huge part of the future but not all of understand what that means. HPE0-D33 prepares you

Thanks for Joining us!

We here, wish you luck in the next part of your career. Whether its HP Cloud Service Automation or running a complex sales CRM, skills like that take time, patience, training, and a bit of certification. We hope this guide helped clarify some of the paths you can take to enter a new exciting field. Remember to like, share, and come back often for more opportunities to enter tech fields and see just what incredible pathways are out there!



What Are the Best Microsoft Certifications in 2017?

This article walks you through the complicated process of choosing Microsoft Certifications and the differences between them. What are the best Microsoft Certifications in 2017? Look no further to find that out! The nomenclature of Microsoft Certifications can be quite confusing as well, read this guide to understand how they work just a little bit better!

The three categories of Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft offers premium Certification paths that show you have good working knowledge of all the software and hardware that they deal with. That’s the simple way of putting it, but it is a bit overwhelming at first.

There are three categories of certifications today that will help take your career to the next level and propel you forward in the Tech Sector. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, and Microsoft Certified Systems Expert (Formerly Engineer). MCSA, MCSD, and MSCE. As you can see from the chart below, there are quite a few routes available! It’s actually not as complex as it looks though. So what are the best Microsoft Certifications in 2017?  We will start with the MSCA level, as that is required for both MSCE and MSCD.

Best Microsoft Certifications in 2017

How do I become a Microsoft Certified Associate?

The Associate level is the base level for starting with Microsoft. To become certified, you have to take 2 or 3 exams in a specific subject. These exams test you on knowledge and application, showing that you are ready to work with a specific Microsoft Technology.  All you do is pick a path, take the required exams, and you are set to become an associate.

There are six broad areas that you can focus in. Each area has more specific, specialized skills as well. For instance, Cloud Platform & Infrastructure as seen below has four different MSCA Certifications that all require different exams to master.

Cloud Platform & Infrastructure

Windows Server 2016
  • 70-740: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016
  • 70-741: Networking with Windows Server 2016
  • 70-742: Identity with Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012
  • 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
  • 70-411: Administering Windows Server 2012
  • 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
Linux on Azure
  • 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
  • LFCS: Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator
Cloud Platform (Pick 2 out of 5!)
  • 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
  • 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • 70-473: Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions
  • 70-475: Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions

Best Microsoft Certifications in 2017_2

This chart shows all the available ways to get an MSCA in Cloud Platform & Infrastructure.

How do I become a Microsoft Certified Expert?

After becoming an Associate, becoming a Microsoft Certified Expert (MSCE) is relatively simple. Each Expert Certification requires that you first reach Associate level Certification. After getting an MSCA, you simply study for one more elective exam. Take and pass any of these elective courses and you obtain MSCE status which shows you are trained at the highest level in a specific Microsoft Technology. The chart below illustrates this.

Best Microsoft Certifications in 2017_3

How do I become a Microsoft Certified Developer?

The last Certification path is that of the Microsoft Certified Developer. Only 1 of the 22 Certifications falls under the developer category. This route is for those who are creative problem solvers and want to work in Web and Mobile App Building. This track is very specific and consists of two different MSCA levels. The skillset required is different from the other IT skills as you need to know and be familiar with several programming and markup languages such as Java, C# and CSS.

Best Microsoft Certifications in 2017_4

Which of the 22 Certifications should I pursue?

While there are so many pathways with Microsoft, it can be hard to pick the best route to follow. As of 2017 the three most in demand categories are Cloud Platform & Infrastructure, App Builder, and Data Management & Analytics. Pursuing these categories builds a foundation for jobs such Data and Server Management, Web and App Developer, and Server Engineer. From those three broad categories, we picked a best MSCD, MSCA, and MSCE certification for you to look into!

The Best MSCD Route

We recommend the MSCD as a unique certification that is sure to get you thrilling and challenging jobs building applications, for this cert take 70-483 and 70-357 along with an elective exam. Since there is only one MSCD, it is a bit harder to find in the market.

The Best MSCA Route

We also recommend the MSCA Windows Server 2016 or MSCA Cloud Platform in the Cloud & Infrastructure path. As the base standard for the modern server, Windows 2016 is the future of server set-ups and cloud skills are HIGHLY Desired. For Windows Server 2016 you take 3 exams 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742. For the MSCA in Cloud Platforms, you take any 2 exams from 70-532, 70-533, 70-534, 70-473, and 70-475.

The Best MSCE Route

One final path that is needed in the IT Sector today, is that of Data Management. With all the information being collected by businesses such as Facebook and Google, that data needs to be organized, explored, and used in valuable ways. The MCSE in Data Management & Analytics is becoming more and more valuable everyday as data collection and parsing grows. For this, it’s recommended to take the 70-773 and 70-774 exams. This earns an MSCA that is in high demand currently, the Machine Learning MSCA. Than simply pass one of the 12 elective exams to become an expert in Data Management. We recommend 70-473, as you will then be 50% of the way done with you MSCA Cloud Platform Certification as well!

Where should I go to study for these certifications?

Whether it’s MCSA, MCSE, or MCSD, an awful lot of experience and training goes into being certified. You need high-quality Microsoft dumps with both MSCA dumps and MCSE dumps that mirror the actual exams you take. Make sure to speak to actual people who have gone before you as well as check out the available resources that we offer. It can take awhile to prep for all these tests! The internet has made pursuing IT much easier than it used to be with numerous study options online. Beyond finding high quality resources on Youtube, there are a bunch of GREAT resources online. Our favorite though is They offer free study materials, videos, and exams for practicing for every cert imaginable.

So Go Get Certified!

Thanks for reading this far! If this has helped you, make sure to comment here. Good luck on Certification and be sure to check back for more IT blogs!


6 Practical Tips For Becoming an IT Professional

Decided to pursue a career in IT but don’t know where to start? This is the article that you need to read! In just a short time we can give you 6 Practical Tips For Becoming an IT Professional. Whether it’s getting Cisco certified or studying C++, the same principles apply! So take a minute and peruse our guide, it could change your life!

Information Technology is one of the most challenging, rewarding, and fastest growing sectors in the job market worldwide. In fact, learning to work in-depth with computers and other devices boosts your skillset to be highly desirable in all career fields. That being said, the tech sector is one of the few job markets where you can find a dream job regardless of your likes and dislikes. Whether it’s programming for google or creating art assets for a Video Game company, the tech sector has unique fun jobs that are rewarding. Yet, it can be intimidating. Just the mention of the word IT makes many people think of a dark closet where a worker slaves over a desktop for hours in the dark. That may even be true in some cases! Within the computer-industry though are literally millions of jobs that can change your life and bring true satisfaction and joy. Not to mention great wages!

So come along and join us as we share 6 practical tips for becoming an IT professional!

Find a low-level entry job

First let’s dispel the rumour that only the smartest and most-qualified candidates can find a job working with technology. There are actually MANY low-level entry jobs that even a recent high-school graduate can start at. Really, this isn’t a challenging business to get into but the more training and quality that you bring to the table, the better your options and quality of jobs. Just like working in food service, entry-level jobs are less about equipping you to be the best and the brightest but rather exposing you to the working world in a specific career field and teaching foundational skills.

Many businesses have an entry level position that entails some basic training with computer repair or networking and learning to be familiar with the key concepts of different certifications (Such as CompTia 901 and 902 Exams). Some examples are the non-mobile Geek-Squad at Best Buy, an Apple Store, Microsoft Store, or even a store such as Staples. These office supply and electronics chains usually have positions involving basic computer skills and Many a great IT professional spent hours honing skills at a local computer shop before getting proficient enough to get a job in the Tech Sector. With big-business tech often you will have the benefit of paid for training sessions such as taking Microsoft certified courses. Instead of being intimidated, look around and see if you can find a foundational job to pay the bills and educate you while you study and learn!

Resume Training

The Job Market is full of positions but HIGHLY competitive. In fact some larger companies use software to automatically sort and discard resumes that don’t fit some reestablished guidelines such as using the right resume language. Many of the skills that you ALREADY know how to do are premium skills on a resume but to a techie seem like overkill to put down (Microsoft Office for instance). It seems ridiculous in this modern world that “Expert in Microsoft Office” would be important on a resume, but it is! Unfortunately though, many of us don’t realize what companies want. By looking at what programs you use, the technology you are proficient in, and the certs you know, you can make a resume shine or even take a couple of weeks to learn that one skill that helps you seal the deal in the job market. Sometimes an employer will hire someone just for having a specific certification over someone who doesn’t, regardless of many other important factors such as experience. Since the field is so specialized and intimidating, employers don’t necessarily understand what goes into Information Technology jobs and often have to guess at what the best employee would look like. This creates strange demands and expectations. You might not feel particularly skilled, but with the right focus you can make a stunning resume. After all they are looking for someone who knows something they don’t!

Purchase Parts, Build A Desktop, Install an OS, and Repeat

Building a computer is one of the most fulfilling Information Technology tasks that you can pursue. It appears the barrier to entry is years of experience with selecting parts, putting them together, and making it work correctly. Yet modern computers are a lot less like the primitive discombobulating machines from the last few decades. With the invention of the internet, a large consumer market, and the explosive growth of PC Gaming, building a computer has turned into a rite of passage for those in the IT world. Learning what each part does, why one part is better than another, which OS is right for the situation, and putting it all together is an invaluable experience that will boost your confidence and show you that you can find work in the ITech world. While on the surface it may not look like it, modern PC-Building is far closer to putting together legos than one usually realizes. There are specific rules and options that help guide you while giving enough freedom to really build many different styles of PC on a budget. Best yet, after building it, a PC can be disassembled and parts changed out to practice more and more. It’s even possible to finally start doing this with upcoming OSX models as Mac is now testing modular PC builds. The most practical thing you can do is get your hands on some parts and start learning what makes a computer function! You can also get some practice with a Virtual Machine if you are interested in a certification such as the VCP6-DCV to become a VMware Associate!

Find A Mentor

Find someone who can teach you the ropes on Tech in person! Perhaps someone in your social circle is looking for some help. Another option is looking into a local religious or community centre. In fact even local stage and theater companies love interns and volunteers in all sorts of technical capacity. There are numerous places across the world that use technology in an unpaid but professional capacity. Often these places have a rotating group of volunteers who maintain the systems out of passion and love for both digital living and the community. While each community is different, this can be a great place to find a mentor who is likely volunteering and willing to take someone alongside them to raise them up into a high-quality worker. Often these mentors have access to complex equipment and skills as well that you can apply in order to learn the trade. This is one of the most practical places to connect with a mentor and start your journey into becoming a professional!

Pursue a Tech Certification

Tech Certification is one of the key ways to enter the IT world. Currently there are many certifications that show whether or not you are proficient in some area, from Hardware to Software and far more. Learning a programming language and studying computer science is immensely practical if you are entering into a Tech field but for those looking to hit the ground running (Who doesn’t like a nice job WHILE they go to school) certs are one of the best options. Certs are basically certificates that state you are capable of handling specific Tech skills. Some certs are in demand more than others, some take years to achieve, but there are many that can be learned in a handful of weeks with rigorous studying and training.

For a general Tech we recommend starting any number of certifications. Really many of them teach a range of broad skills with some specific ones as well.  With the CompTia 901 and 902 A+ certification you learn a good mix of skills. This basic cert walks you through Hardware, Software, Networking, and other necessary things to become a certified Tech. Other possible certifications include the Cisco CCNA courses that teach the in-demand skill of network management, create, design, engineering and more. ISACA is great for meeting the needs of IT security, a skill that is desired more and more as the world changes.

6 Practical Tips For Becoming an IT Professional

Take Some Online Tests!

Still, all of this, it’s a bit imposing. Learning about working with devices when you may not even know what you are supposed to learn! One the best ways to understand certifications better is to experience them yourself by using online practice tests and study materials. There are several awesome online test providers that help those who are seeking certification by giving access to realistic practice tests, often at minimal cost. Websites such as ITExams pride themselves with creating the most accurate and intensive exams you can take outside of the actual exam room. These online study materials go through HUNDREDS of current exam questions and are probably the most effective way to learn about your certification. Whether it is for 901 A+, ISACA, PMP, CISCO, Microsoft Courses, or HUNDREDS MORE, most exams have numerous practice test online available. All you need to do is go to an online exam provider and select from one of the many tests and in a few moments you can learn something new and see if you like a specific cert path! We recommend going to a solid proven test provider like CertLibrary that has a proven track record of helping hundreds of people who need some extra help with the certification process. They offer incredibly accurate practice exams of the most popular certifications as well as less common certs in areas such as BACB and Novell. It’s an easy way to see if you like a specific certification and learn more about your path.

So get out there and start looking at certifications! Some paths to consider include VMware, PMP for Project Management, Citrix for Cloud based stuff, MSCE for Microsoft, CCNA, or many more. You can literally spend years studying on and not exhaust the amount of available curriculum, exams, and learning potential. Best yet, this means you have an incredible amount of opportunity when it comes to learning an IT trade. Don’t just take our word for it though, take some time and peruse the tests. Maybe you’ll find a burgeoning love for a Cisco Certified Network Engineer that you never knew, or see a career that you should avoid! There is so much to learn!

Thanks for joining us!

Hopefully this guide gave you some help by providing 6 practical tips for becoming an IT Professional! As one of the most rewarding fields to work in, we are excited to see people fall deeply in love with troubleshooting computers, building networks, making apps, and just changing the world. Be sure to check back for more Tech Tips and take some free exams! The worst that could happen is that you learn a few new things.


Passing NCLEX Nursing Exams

Nursing is a field full of challenging work, incredible life altering moments, and the opportunity to do good in the world! This article is on passing NCLEX Nursing Exams, a rite of passage in the medical world. If you are considering the NCLEX, this article will show you some great resources to study with as well as help you take the first step toward getting approved for the NCLEX Exam!

After years of school, you are ready to jump into a career as an RN or PN. Passing this exam is one of the final steps to being a fully-fledged nurse and a landmark indicator of how ready you are for the world of nursing.

The National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX has one primary goal, to test participants on whether they are ready to enter the medical field as an entry-level nurse. It’s a bit different from most of the training and tests that are taken while studying in college. The National Council Licensure Examination eschews the conventional format of knowledge testing and instead seeks to examine your skills in practical real-life situations. This is not a simple 45-minute quiz, but rather an all-day event with multiple sections that attempt to see how you as a nurse make life-altering decisions and perform your duty.

While those who have studied at an American institution often do well by the time they are taking the examination, it can be a nerve wracking experience. The NCLEX questions are not meant to be solved through rote memorization and instead strive to see if you understand what being a nurse entails.  On top of being a challenging licensure for Americans, those who did not study in America statistically fair the worst. For instance, during the first quarter of 2016, only a third of international participants passed on the first try. That can be so frustrating! Spending months or years, only to fail right before the finish line. Don’t let that happen to you!

This guide will help give you the confidence to pass this final hurdle as you work towards becoming an RN or PN.

To begin, there are two common certifications with a similar sounding name.


The primary difference between these two exams is the education level required. The RN is for those training to be registered nurses and the PN is for those who are training to be practical nurses. This means the RN requires a four year-degree at a credited Academic institution while the PN requires completion of a PN course which usually takes around a year. By now, you most likely are beyond picking between the RN or PN path, but if you are new to nursing overall, this is a very important piece of nursing that you should know.

Once you’ve decided which path you are taking, it’s time to schedule the test!

How to take the NCLEX?

The first step to taking the NCLEX exam is to apply with a Board of Nursing or Regulatory Body. The BON/RB is the one that certifies you to get certified. While a little redundant, this process means that only those who meet specific requirements can even attempt licensure. Once the BON/RB signs off on you, it’s time to get an ATT (Authorization to test). To get an ATT, go to Pearson Vue and register for the exam as well as pay the exam fee. Afterwards an ATT will be sent to you.

The ATT is usually valid for 90 days and signifies that you are able to take an NCLEX exam. Once this arrives, you can schedule your exam and get ready for some NCLEX questions!

Review until you can review no more! 

After you done with applying for the test (At this point you should have had the bulk of your medical training under your belt!) the first step to success is to become aware of what the exam covers. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing has plans online that outline the test and what is involved (

Reading through the outlines gives you a feel for what knowledge you need and what should be studied. These outlines are updated annually so make sure you are using an up to date and valid guide. Practical steps for Passing NCLEX nursing exams include,

  1. Print out the requirements and Study Plan
  2. Read through it 2-3 times.
  3. Highlight any areas that you are struggling in, lack confidence, or need to understand better
  4. Create a detailed study plan around these areas of weakness
  5. Study these areas of weakness every day until the big day and review the areas that you are confident in 1-2 times a week.
  6. Study, study, study!

After the review, study.

Creating a study plan, learning where you need to improve your nursing skills, and reading up on the exam are all great steps toward success but they are just steps. In order to fully learn what’s necessary for this exam, you have to study DAILY.

There are several ways to study for the RN or the PN but one of our favorites is by using visual and auditory learning methods. This is best done with a mixture of NCLEX practice tests and videos. A primo resource in general for both Tech exams and Medical certifications is Nowhere else can you find hundreds of free test guides that walk you through the hardest parts of various certifications. They not only have practice tests, Exam-Labs also has videos that help to reinforce the subject you are learning. offers solid resources to study for the NCLEX exam, not only do they offer practice tests, they also continually update which tests are available and the NCLEX questions are kept up to date as well. This is a great resource for seeing what material the certification includes so that you can ace your tests!

Our favorite method of learning is to take the NCLEX practice test and highlight strengths and weaknesses. By highlighting the problems, you struggle with and can’t answer, you can find out which area you need to study the most. By highlighting strengths, you can identify with area you are excelling in and what needs to be studied less.

Practice with a medical buddy!

One last thing to do before the dress rehearsal is to ask those who have gone before you for advice! Passing NCLEX nursing exams is not nearly as difficult if you lean on the support of those who have already passed it. If you know a registered nurse, see if they have taken this test in the last several years. If so, it’s the prime place to bounce questions off of them and research how to pass. This coupled with taking online practice exams will make you basically unstoppable!

Take it and make it!

 We know testing is a stressful time. On top of that, being a nurse is a challenging career. The best way to get that NCLEX test over with, is to apply today, secure an ATT, and take the NCLEX within 90 days! It sounds obvious but so many people sit around waiting for a windfall, or live fearfully until the day they actually sit down and start answering questions on the NCLEX. Instead, take the confident route, head onto exam-labs, interview a doctor, and build upon your understanding of nursing! If you create a plan, study, and take test, you’ll do far better than those who simply waltzed through school and expect to be Doogie Howser on day one.

We are sure by following this guide, you can finish this and finally become an RN or PN If you are ready for the NCLEX and this has helped you, or have a friend who needs a study tool, like, comment, and share this post! The world needs more nurses!

Complete VMware Certification Training Guide

What is VMware?

Technology moves at a rapid pace with demands changing far before most people realize it. It’s easy to be swimming with the stream, only to find months later you are now swimming against the current! Our Complete VMware Certification Training Guide will help you understand a little bit more about where the Tech industry is headed and what Virtualization has to do with that.

For years, solid physical networks and large data center style set-ups have been the bread and butter of large businesses. In the recent years though, changes to how we do server centers and business technology has created a revolution in the sphere of Virtualization.

Virtualization and the cloud have been on the rise for quite some time and this has created a need for people certified in running both VMware and Hyper-V. These mainline systems are used to boot up and deploy virtual machines. Many of the concepts between VMware and Hyper-V are actually quite similar, yet the terminology is vastly different. VMware has a long-history as the de facto program of choice for many businesses that dabble in virtualization and the cloud but Hyper-V is quickly rising to that level as well. Virtualization can save on resources, create secure test environments, functions as the basis for Data Centers and numerous Network set-ups. It simply put, is the future of business IT.

Why get a VMWare Certification?

There are a ton of good reasons to get certified in VMware.

Firstly, success on the job! It’s a stellar choice for making sure you have the skills and the knowledge required to be competitive today as an employee and business. These skills are in HIGH-Demand and make you a valuable asset as an employee.

Secondly, it’s so common to have an up and coming Tech trend hit with devastating force those who are unprepared. By getting trained in VMware, you can be prepared for the increasingly demanding needs of the future as well as make sure you aren’t caught untrained and incapable. Regardless of whether or not you WANT to dabble in virtualization, you MUST. It’s the only way to be current and adapt in this changing world.

And third, Virtualization is a blast. Few things in Tech have so much freedom and potential for unique, challenging, and amazing solutions to different needs. Many of those in the VMware space, just love what they do!

Oh my goodness this is confusing!

The certification world is an interesting one, it’s a little bit like the chicken and the egg. Without knowing technical knowledge, it’s hard to know where to start. Without knowing where to start, it’s hard to learn technical knowledge!

VMware has a breakdown of the main certifications that can be found on their website here. There are 4 main categories and a LOT of confusing titles!

Whether you are trying to take 2VO-620 or 2VO-621D is a bit mystifying! With fancy code names and an emphasis on a dare I say, arcane, realm of computer work, it’s hard to know what to do. There are several different programs, career paths, and focuses that are included in the VMware world. This Complete VMware Certification Training Guide can help break some of this down for you to understand!

How do we begin?

For years, breaking into the Virtualization world required EXPENSIVE classes and training seminars just to begin pursuing Virtualization. As an entry point it usually cost $1500-3000 and wasn’t as widespread of a technology. Recently though, entry level Virtualization Certification has been making the Virtualization path much more affordable and doable.

In just a few steps, you can forge a useful path for a career in VMware. It would take a VERY LONG time to exhaustively go through every certification, so instead we recommend this specific path as it is a good way forward to success.

First, start with the Foundations exam.

The 2VO-620 (vSphere Foundations Exam)

The vSphere Foundations exam, or 620 for short, is a 90 minute exam consisting of approximately 65 questions. This entry level exam can be taken from home (Non-proctored) and has a cheap price tag of $120 compared to the expensive long-form training sessions of more certs. This exam covers the basics of vSphere and gets your feet wet. It is one of the BEST options for seeing what this field is like and getting certified.

The 2VO-620 Exam is the precursor to 4 different certification paths, VCP6-DCV, VCP6-CMA,VCP6-DTM,
VCP6-NV. Each of those paths is a bit more intensive, normally requiring classroom instruction, continuing education, and more. Start with 2VO-620.

Next, Narrow in on a Career Path.

Most people learning about VMware are not attempting to have an exhaustive knowledge of the whole process. Some are continuing education, others are perhaps shooting for the first level in Virtualization. VMware offers 4 Career paths with MANY levels that branch off from a major subject.

VMware Certification GuideThese four areas breakdown into four career paths,

1. Data Center Careers (Working on Server side environments)
2. Network Careers (Implementing the Network aspects similar to CCNA)
3. Cloud and Automation (Creating systems for using a cloud or having a business run behind the scenes systems)
4. Desktop and Mobility careers (Fascinating jobs where you can create virtual test environments using virtualization)

Pick a Career Path and Become an Associate!

There are 3 levels in the VMware Certification system, Associate, Professional, and Expert. The first step after passing your foundations exam is to become an Associate in one of the main four disciplines. We recommend the Data Center path as it is one of the largest growing fields (As are Clouds and Automation as well!) and is a diverse Certification.
Here are the best exams for the next step in getting certified!

2VO-621 and 2VO-621D

So the 2VO-621 is the next in line from the Foundations exam. It covers Data Center certification and associate level training. The 2VO-621D (Or delta) is the following level and oversees the realm of a Data Center Professional.


The Network Virtualization (VCA6-NV) v6.2 covers using Virtualization in a Networking set-up. This is the exam taken to become certified with VMware Network Concepts.

1V0-602 and 1V0-603

The 1VO-602 (Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals Exam) and the 1VO-603 (Cloud Management and Automation Fundamentals Exam) are both entry level certification tests and titles for Cloud and Automation. Since the subject is a little broader, there are actually two entry level certifications!


The 1VO-605 Desktop and Mobility Fundamentals Exam is required to be certified as a VCA6-DTM.

Study with a Free Guide Online!

All this is good and great, but it is a bit impractical. Random numbers and exam codes? The reason we think these are important, is they can help make it a little less confusing when pursuing certification. Without hands on experience in virtualization, it can be a bit hard to grasp what this is all about. I’d recommend going to VMware or Hyper-V and downloading a virtulization program. Normally you can get a free program that allows you to practice Virtualization. Next I’d dive headfirst into studying to get a feel for what virtualization entails and what fits for you!

One great resource is as it offers HUNDREDS of free tests for certifications and is one of the few testing resources that covers a wide-range of virtualization subjects (They have over 50 FREE exams on VMware alone!). Instead of struggling to grasp the idea, just go to, hop into a test or two (I recommend this one right here) and see if Virtualization is for you! You may fall in love with one of the most exciting in-demand industries in the Tech World! Using Exam-Labs you can see whether the 1VO-605 or the SVO-621 are a good match, this means that instead of spending hours going through a course only to realize it’s not a good fit, you can practice on Exam-Labs and get a real, practical version of what these tests actually entail. This in turn can inform your decision! Either way, we know that by pursuing Virtualization, you are engaging a new and emerging technology that is sure to push your career to new heights!

Thanks for joining us on our Complete Guide to VMware Certification. We hope it helped! If you found this useful, please share this with friends and tell us how it helped. We strive here to make our guides easy to read and practical to all. Until next time, good luck and we look forward to hearing your success stories!

Become a CCNA, Cisco Certified Network Associate, In Just Two Weeks!

In the IT world some skills such as programming take years to learn and hone. This creates an intimidating environment for those who year to break in into IT fields. Yet not all skills are that specialized or rigorous.

Often it’s hard to know which skills you should learn to kickstart your career. In tech. One of the more challenging paths is that of a Cisco Certified Network Associate. The CCNA is a certification that shows proficiency in networking concepts and hardware. One of the most sought after skills is networking. It’s challenging, rewarding, hard, and yet invaluable as a skill. Every business needs the internet, and every small business needs a network. Much like CompTia exams, Cisco offers numerous certifications that show potential employers who has put in the work to be considered a certified network technician. As the gold standard for showing skill in networking, the CCNA is an important certification to consider.

The CCNA is a rather basic level in regards to networking because it is such a large concept. Being a certified Network Associate can start you on the path toward several rewarding and high paying jobs. Networking isn’t easy though. It takes a lot of hands-on experience and personal study. Knowing which test to even take can be confusing for people.

What is it?

There are several different certifications offered by Cisco that cover a broad spectrum of concepts and skills. For those who want to get a good foundational course though, we recommend taking the 200-125 Exam.

This exam covers quite a bit of introductory networking and gives a great platform for growing in skill. While networking can be intimidating, with a little preparation and study, you can be certified in a matter of weeks. Granted, this path is not for the wavering. If you want to be certified in a couple of weeks, you need to study, watch videos, and train for a couple hours a day.

Don’t be discouraged though! It’s totally possible! We are here to offer some tips and help on getting ready to take the CCNA Exam in a matter of weeks!

So where do we start?

Pick one of the 9 Certifications

CCNA has 9 subcategories. Routing and Switching is the best “overall” beginning cert though for Cisco work. For the sake of this process, we are going to assume that CCNA R&S (Routing and Switching) is the certification that you are pursing. Many of the concepts will still carry over between sub categories as well, so don’t be afraid to pick one and commit to it.

One Exam Vs. Two

There are two ways to get certified as a CCNA through Routing and Switching. You can take two separate exams or take a combined exam. Regardless of whether you split the test up or take both tests at once, the questions and content would be the same. It’s important to know how you want to take the test though because you can study half the concepts for one week and test then switch and test again or study everything for two weeks and test.

Step 1: Schedule the Exam around two weeks from when you plan to start studying

This incentivizes studying. It can be hard to stay focused if you have nothing to lose. Yet when a significant amount of cash is on the line (The exam is almost $300) then you are motivated to push through tired nights and boring notes. You have skin in the game. It hurts to lose. Start by scheduling your exam. This forces you to commit to this process.

Step 2: Create a Schedule

Studying with an upcoming deadline requires a fair amount of discipline. Schedule your study time and commit to making it a priority. Put the Exam date on the calendar so that you are reminded of the urgency of study. Next take all the exam concepts and divide them by fourteen. Make sure that you master 1/14th of the test each day, while also reviewing previous days.

Step 3: Block out AT LEAST two hours a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Getting certified takes a fair amount of commitment. It’s easy to feel discouraged when looking at the time commitment. Still, studying for an exam is all about taking normal time captive. There are 168 hours in a week. If you take 14 of these hours and apply them to learning a new skill, it’s definitely possible.

To be ready to test in two weeks you must be brutally honest with yourself. Do you spend too much time on unimportant things? We have all binge watched a TV show or wasted time doing something inconsequential. Look for little moments that you can redeem for more time. Always be honest with yourself and others about what holds you back from studying and growing. You NEED to find two hours in the day for study at a bare minimum.

Step 4: Take the Exam-labs test

We all enter IT fields with varying levels of knowledge The online tests offered at show real questions and offer a great point of entry for the CCNA Exam.

Step 5: Rank the subjects you need to study by importance

Taking a practice exam can give you a good point of reference for where you are at with networking. Most people will know a few rudimentary things, but this can help you hone in on the necessary knowledge to concentrate on for the test. Note the things that you struggle with, these can be used to make a study guide.

Step 6: Create a list of subjects to study

Take the Exam-Lab results and create a guide that helps you see where you are lacking in networking knowledge.

Step 7: Gather Components for a test network

While knowing concepts is great, having a physical place to test your knowledge is invaluable. Testing a network requires several Ethernet cords, a router, a switch, a hub, and two-four computers. There are MANY more parts to a network and as you learn, you will want to buy, borrow, and test these components out. For the sake of connecting computers together on a network though, these basic components can help you get started. Ideally you’ll want several devices to test network set-ups and troubleshoot you own set-up.

Step 8: Build A Network

Murphy’s law states that what can go wrong, will go wrong. Networking is one of the most fundamentally challenging aspects of IT. This is because numerous devices, operating systems, software, data, and more must interact in such a way as to send and retrieve information along a broad spectrum of network setups. It’s almost useless to study for this exam without taking the time to set up a test network and practice some of the basic skills that the exam seeks to show.

Step 9: Study, Study, Study!

There are numerous resources online for free such as this video series by Exam-labs, or free exams such as those, To be certified in two weeks, you will need to spend at least an hour studying Networking every day and an hour each day practicing both real world test set-ups and digital ones.

One of the advantages of Exam-labs material such as those offered for the CCNA 200-125, is that it is real-world knowledge. The questions found on Exam-Labs tests are similar to those that would actually appear on the CCNA 200-125. Learning to answer these questions can boost your confidence and motivate you to learn more.

Step 10: Take the Exam-Labs test, repeatedly until you have memorized many of the answers

It is a good for those who struggle with confidence to be reminded of how obtainable these certifications are. These Exam dumps cover enough information to help you easily pass your first CCNA test. If you can ace the Exam-labs material, there is a good chance you can pass this exam. Take these concepts to your test network as well!

Step 11: Repeat

For the next fourteen days, study for an hour, test for an hour, write down what you need to improve on and repeat the process. It may seem like a waste to study so much, but it is amazing how quickly the skill-set and knowledge to pass the CCNA exams will start to accumulate.

Step 12: Take the Exam!

It’s ok to be a little nervous but after two weeks and putting in several hours a day of study and recreating a network, you should be ready. So take the Exam! If you have studied and aced the Exam-Labs material, as well as put up your own Network and practiced network concepts, it should be quite easy to pass this exam. So go for it!

Step 13: Pass!

And with that, we hope that you pass the exam! Tests can be intimidating, but they are so rewarding. Certifications open the door to greater opportunity and push you to become a better person to learn a new skill and enter a new industry.

Did this help?

Are you getting ready to take a CCNA exam? Did this guide help? Be sure to comment in on ways we can improve our guide process as well as share your own success stories! We are grateful to help you succeed with the CCNA and hope to see you as a certified CCNA member soon!


Which CompTIA Certification is the right for me?

Getting certified is an incredibly thrilling journey, but it can be a bit intimidating. If you’ve decided to pursue a certification in IT but found the amount of directions to go overwhelming, just read on to hear about three foundational certifications you can earn and which one is right for you!

Despite tremendous need in the Tech sector, millions of jobs go unfulfilled every year. There just aren’t enough skilled workers to fill these jobs. This is a very good problem to have! It means that you have the golden opportunity to learn new skills and enter an industry that is DESPERATE for skilled workers.

These aren’t low-paying high-labor jobs either, while It differs by region, Tech pays EXTREMELY well. For instance, the US Tech sector on average pays anywhere from $80,000-$105,000 per year for intermediate skilled Tech workers. Tech is an extremely fruitful career choice. Yet, it does requires learning something new and lots of practice.

With study and some certification, you could make a significantly larger amount of money, learn some awesome skills, and unfortunately become the person every elderly friend calls when they have a broken laptop.

CompTia Certifications are the gold-standard for jumping into the skill based technical side of Information Technology. While there are numerous certifications, three of them are incredible foundational certs for being able to work in IT.

CompTia A+, CompTia Security+ and CompTia Networking+ are some of best starting certifications for a career in networking. They help create a successful foundation for pursuing numerous career paths. How do you know which one you should pick? Read on!

Which CompTia Certificate is right for me?

Ultimately, in IT, learning a new skill is never wasted. Yet it can help to specialize depending on the long-term direction you want to take with your career as well as help find work that you like to do. CompTia actually offers quite a few certificates but for those starting out and learning in IT, Network+, A+, and Security+ are some of the best foundational certifications.

For the Vigilant: CompTia Security+ (The sy0-401 Exam)

Cybersecurity is one of the largest growing IT needs in the world. Just turn on the news and you’ll see story after story of companies, governments, and more being systematically hacked. DDoS attacks have become commonplace for big businesses and even everyday computer use can result in collecting large amounts of Malware.

Security+ is for those who want a fast-paced career creating iron-clad defenses against outside intruders and creating systems for businesses to keep information secure. Not only does this certification cover numerous styles of security, it also covers the theory behind it, the mindset of trying to keep information from being lost, stolen, or destroyed. Taking the sy0-401 Exam is a perfect path for those who love being on watch, making systems that are unbreakable, and consistently checking in to insure users’ data is private and safe. That also includes basic security in regards to good Data storage.

Security+ is the first step towards many possible careers, from for-hire security work in the private sector to a government job helping keep hackers out from the most sensitive information.

For the Problem Solver: CompTia Networking+ (The n10-006 Exam)

DHCP, POP3, WAN, LAN, VOIP, DNS, DWDM. Networking is full of hundreds of little terms and acronyms that often go unnoticed in every-day use. It requires a wide breadth of knowledge and some significant problem solving skills to be successful in Networking.

Networking is one of the most challenging IT categories. If one thing goes wrong in a network set-up, it KILLS productivity. If everything goes right, you may not even appear to be doing much to the casual observer! The Networking+ Certification covers the troubleshooting process to find where and what is going wrong within a network, set-up new Networks, and covers the numerous skills to be successful in connecting devices. If you desire a career where every day presents new challenges and you can continually pursue improvement (Network standards change fast!) taking the n10-006 Exam is the right fit for you.

The underlying knowledge allows you to understand not only what to do in regards to networking, but how it works. How Data seamlessly goes from one computer to the next, and all the background knowledge involved with that.

Networking+ is a foundational certification that can begin the journey towards being a Network engineer, designing and creating the infrastructure behind a big business and helping thousands of users stay connected.

For the Tinkerer and Undecided: CompTia A+ (The 901 and 902 Exams)

The A+ Certification is the Jack-Of-All-Trades IT cert. Covering everything from basic Hardware set-up, Software, Troubleshooting, and more. A+ consists of two exams (As opposed to the one involved with Network+ or Security+). The first exam, 901, covers the Hardware and relevant software side needed for basic computer, network, and device set-up. 902 takes it a step further on the software side by getting very in-depth with Windows and other OS as well as more involved security and IT procedures. The A+ Cert is perfect for the tinkerer or even someone who is somewhat undecided on what path they want to take in IT.

If you like to build physical desktop computers, need to run and troubleshoot most office equipment, or want to know how to solely set-up a small office, A+ teaches all of that. Covering everything from what parts are in a computer to the different devices, OS, and technologies that are common in the workplace, this cert is a GREAT foundation for going further with CompTia.

A+ is a great step in the direction toward being an IT generalist. In fact, it is a great certification to get in conjunction with Security+ or Networking+ as it sets the stage for more learning. Even so, with A+ you can start working towards a fulfilling career and make the decision to specialize later.

Which CompTia Certification should I choose?

All three of these offer an exciting, rewarding, and fun career path in IT. Whether you like being on guard and setting up unbreakable systems, building computers and setting up an office, or even wiring the Ethernet cables from a server room to the required port, these three certs offer strong foundational knowledge for a career.

Don’t just stop there though, CompTia offers a great resource to make that decision! Take a moment and head to the CompTia Career website and play around! You can see career paths as well as the relevant pay scale for that industry.

I’ve picked my Cert, I’m ready, what do I do now?

Find some study materials and start studying!

Getting certified can be challenging without a direction to head. Exam Labs is a great resource for studying and getting a feel for many certifications, not just CompTia! At Exam-labs you can find practice tests for Networking+ and Security+ that help you get a feel for those tests.

Good luck on your journey towards becoming an IT professional. Be sure to check back with us regularly or see some of our other course options at as well!

Complete Guide to Saleforce Certifications

Here is the guide to Salesforce certifications for those who want to undergo Salesforce training in order to become eligible and land their dream job by getting certified. I will shed light on ADM-201, ADM-211, DEV-401, DEV-501 and Sales Cloud Consultant certifications. This article will also help working professionals who want to get a good promotion by improving their knowledge, skills and work credentials. Passing a certification is not that easy, but you can make it by consulting training materials available online.

The first thing to determine is your professional goal and the type of certification you want to earn and thus get the approved help material. The following certifications will be discussed in this article in order to meet your or your organisations’ business needs. These exams fall under the following categories.

  • ADM-201 Administration Essentials for New Admins
  • ADM-211 Administration Essentials for Experienced Admin
  • DEV-401 Building Applications with and Visualforce
  • DEV-501 Certified Advanced Developer
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant

1 – ADM-201 Administration Essentials for New Admins

New system administrators who are responsible for the maintenance, set up and configuration of the salesforce applications of an organisation, sales operators, power users and IT managers can benefit from Administration Essentials for New Admins. Before undergoing this certification one must have a solid understanding of the basic concepts and functionality of salesforce and should complete these two online courses; Navigating Salesforce and Using Sales Cloud.

This certification will enable you to create a secure salesforce environment, setup workflow automation, customize your applications including page layouts, fields, tabs, and business processes, create high-value reports and dashboards and maintain and import clean data.

2 – ADM-211 Administration Essentials for Experienced Admin

Those administrators who have completed the certification of Administration Essentials for New Admins, or have at least six months experience as salesforce administrators, and want to raise their knowledge and skill set in using salesforce for finding a solution to their complex business need can benefit from this certification to get promoted in their field. This certification also forms a part of the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (SFCAA).

Successful completion of this certification will enable you to extend your analytics to provide up-to-date views of your business, Improve data quality so that the ongoing task of data maintenance is not so overwhelming, extend the functionality of your implementation with custom objects, custom apps, and the AppExchange feature, determine and implement appropriate data access and visibility settings, implement complex business processes using workflow rules, approval processes, and visual workflow, manage configuration changes in a sandbox environment, and move data between environments using change sets.

3 – DEV-401 Building Applications with and Visualforce

‘Building Applications with and Visualforce’ covers two exams, one is ‘ Certified Developer’ while the other is ‘ Certified Advanced Developer’.

The ‘ Certified Developer’ certification’s main focus is on the platform declarative capabilities and enables you to build analytics and custom applications through the demonstration of your abilities, knowledge and skills. You will find many paid and free resources available to prepare you for the ‘ Developer Certification’. You need to have attained the administrator’s certification in order to attend this certification.

4 – DEV-501 Certified Advanced Developer

In order to prepare for ‘ Advanced Developer’ certification you should go through the Apex Code Developer’s Guide as well as the Visualforce Developer’s guide. A minimal understanding of Web Service API, ‘Metadata API and Migration Tool’ is also good to gain. The exam comprises of three parts: an online multiple choice exam, after completion of which you can register for the programming assignment and then can proceed to the essay part. The essay questions are easy to answer if you have done your programming assignment with a focus on each and every detail.

 5 – Certified Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant

Those salesforce experts who are sales and marketing specialists providing solutions in order to meet the different business requirements, design different applications, analytics as well as interfaces to maximize productivity of users and manage data can benefit from Salesforce Sales-Cloud- Consultant Certification. It is specifically aimed to provide advanced training to experienced implementation experts who implement sales cloud solutions. This certification enables you to design and implement scalable, maintainable and long term sales cloud solutions to meet the business requirements of the customers successfully. You need to gain an administrator certification before attempting to take this exam.

Complete Guide to Saleforce Certifications

Final Words

In short, all of these certifications are standardised and you can proceed to the next one only if you have passed the previous one required for that specific certification. The only result you can see after completing the online exam is pass or fail, so you will require consulting study material wisely. If you want to successfully pass one of these exams in the first attempt, then you need to consult study materials available at Exam Labs. You should decide the type of certification you require according to your job. Also, see if you really require to get a certification in order to be eligible for that particular certification.