7 Ways To Nail The CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

We get it. Sometimes the hardest part of learning something new is knowing where to start. You need to pass the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam, and it’s a little bit intimidating.

Computers aren’t easy, the available resources for the CompTIA may be outdated, and there is nothing worse than spending a bunch of money on an Exam only to fail it. Nobody likes a dent in the wallet and a dose of internalized shame. We understand. We’ve been there too. We know the challenge of studying for the A+ Exam, but we also know, there is hope!

Passing a CompTIA Certification doesn’t have to overwhelming. If you listen to these seven simple tips on CompTIA A+ Certification preparation you can show up on test day, ready to go and confident of success.

CompTIA A+ Certification including 220-80 and 220-802 practice exams

1. Build your own desktop computer (or build one for a friend)

CompTIA A+ Certification exams test you on a large amount of hardware knowledge. One of the most rewarding experiences you can have in IT is the satisfaction of building your first computer. Few things are so intimidating and yet so simple. Building a desktop computer is an exhilarating way to familiarize yourself with hardware and components. The muscle memory and time-intensive process teaches you in a way that reading and watching just can’t. Building a desktop helps clarify what the RAM, HDD, SSD, GPU, CPU, MOBO and a host of other acronyms mean. CompTIA A+ exams have MANY questions covering a large spectrum of hardware and software knowledge that is required at an entry-level Information Technology job. Building a desktop gives you experience in setting up an OS, running through a BIOS, hardware differences, selecting case and motherboard type, and much more. It is a great way to feel confident on exam day, knowing that the hardware portion of the CompTIA exam is not just theory but real world practice.

2. Set up a CompTIA A+ test lab

Be honest. You wouldn’t get on an airplane with a Pilot who has never flown an airplane. Experience matters. While a significant amount of time can be spent on CompTIA A+ certification preparation, the best study guide is experience. Nothing prepares you more for a test than fixing a computer and running through the operating system to get a feel for it. A test lab is easy to set-up and requires very little in terms of money. In fact, any laptop will do. At worst, if you lack of funding, using Ebay, Offerup, Thrift Stores and more can net you some basic parts from ancient times to set-up your lab.

A typical test lab would contain, a monitor, a desktop computer, networking components (such as a router, switch, and other networking components) and a current OS covered by the 220-901 and 220-902 Exams. With this basic set-up, you can start to tinker and practice for the 220-901 and 220-902. Don’t just set-up a lab, USE IT! Practice complex tasks like overclocking your CPU and becoming an expert at BIOS management. For CompTIA A+, the test is a general knowledge test, vast in span but not very deep. Using a test lab will help solidify concepts in your mind.

3. Select a CompTIA A+ certification study guide

People don’t care until they have skin in the game. Certification exams cost money. Sometimes a lot of money. Yet, when you are first starting on your journey to certification master, there is this temptation to achieve good results with minimal cost. This frugal attitude can sometimes be our downfall. Buying a CompTIA course not only gives you access to massive amounts of resources but forces you to be a steward of your time and education. When things are free, they often aren’t as valuable to us. This is why it is great to buy a book or course covering the CompTIA A+ exam. Not only does money put teeth into studying, (you want to pass so you can earn money and make that purchase worth it) premium resources usually cost money. This is good news though! Education in certification is an investment and it is a far better deal to spend $10 on some serious material then pay another $300 to retake a failed test. Seriously consider fasting from Starbucks for a few a drinks to save some cash and buy some premium Study Content.

4. Youtube

The internet is full of beautiful videos that help illuminate aspects of computers. Several professionals release constant content through Youtube and other outlets on CompTIA Certs and computers in general. From LinusTechTips to Professor Messer, different YouTube channels are a great way to learn an informative lesson and study up on computer subjects. Nearly any subject has some educational series on it, including video series on the Exam. Find a good Youtube channel, ask questions to the creator, get involved, and study. While you can’t always interact in a way that leads to real-life practice and solidifies concepts, the visual aspect is a great way to understand something before diving in deep.

5. Practice Tests

Nothing builds confidence like a practice exam. Learning to ace the CompTIA course with REAL questions that can be found on REAL exams is a huge boost to morale. Several IT Professionals have passed these tests and taken the time to create AWESOME materials that push you towards success. Exam-Labs offers excellent tests that cover a wide range of tech topics such as CompTIA A+ Certifications. These are an invaluable asset to passing the A+! It is critically important to look over some real-world problems and study what the Exam feels like before dropping hundreds of dollars to pass on Exam day.  Practice exams for the CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 can be found below and will help you feel cheerful and bold on Exam day, instead of fearful and stressed.
220-901 practice exam
220-902 practice exam

6. Find a Mentor

This is an undervalued step in being successful in the IT world. Often a question is beyond the scope of a student until they learn foundational knowledge. Yet without that foundational knowledge, you may not know what you need to study in order to answer the question! This creates a terrible cycle of feeling confused and leads to being unable to achieve success. This is where the Mentor is invaluable.  Having someone to talk through hard to understand problems and discuss IT is one of the most powerful tools you can have for passing the exam. Take the time to find a local mentor from a neighboring college or information technology field. If that isn’t possible, USE THE INTERNET! It sounds obvious, but we often forget how useful something as simple as Reddit can be for finding help.

7. Read the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Objectives

It is astounding how many people attempt the CompTIA A+ 901 and 902 Exam without taking the time to simply read through the test objectives. The Computing Technology Industry Association has laid out a pretty explicit and easy to read list of necessary objectives and steps required to pass the exams. Not only do these give a glimpse into what can be found on the test, they are great windows into the world of CompTIA A+ exams. The tests are updated roughly every three years and continually drop old legacy items from the needed knowledge as well as look forward toward new Tech. A good sign you can pass the exam, is when you feel confident you can do all the objectives laid out by CompTIA. Both of the objective lists can be found below,
220-901 Exam Objectives
220-902 Exam Objectives

You Can Pass the CompTia A+ Certification Exams!

With a bit of determination and some resources, you can get certified! Many have gone before you. It is possible. Remember to take these steps seriously and practice, practice, PRACTICE!

In fact, if you are still nervous after this and have a few minutes, head on over to Exam Labs and take a dummy test. It won’t hurt, and will give you a little bit more awareness, and hopefully a boost of confidence in seeing what the CompTIA actually looks like.

Good luck, and always keep learning!




Best Cisco Certifications for 2017

This article sheds light on the best Cisco Certifications for 2017, i.e. CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Certifications. It will help those professionals who are planning to earn a Cisco certification and need to take the exam. You will learn the benefits, expected salary, job opportunities, requirements, cost and study material for preparation of these certifications.

Cisco offers certifications to networking professionals to develop more knowledge in IT networking. IT professionals who want to achieve success in networking field necessarily need to earn these certifications. `It helps to understand how different network topologies work. Cisco offers certification at five different levels: entry, associate, professionals, expert and architect in 8 paths. But, now the question arises which are the best certifications for 2017? Which certification will give maximum knowledge to the person? Security, cyber ops, collaboration, routing and switching and data center are the best Cisco Certifications for 2017. At present, the best-known certifications are CCNA, CCNP and CCIE.

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification

Everything You Need to Know about Cisco CCNA CertificationCCNA Certification is an associate level Cisco Certification. This is the most popular certification for networking and, at present, it is in demand in most of the IT Companies.  Professionals will start their career as a network administrator and engineer after achieving CCNA Certification.  There are many types of CCNA like security, cloud, collaboration, design, industrial plants and wireless. But, CCNA Routing and Switching fulfils the real objective associate level exam.

A CCNA certified professional can install, operate, configure and troubleshoot routed & switched networks. He can establish a connection in the distant area using WAN. The exam course topics include basic fundamentals of routing & switching, network concepts and its terminology, and establishing the point-to-point connection and Frame Relay.

Cisco conducts CCNA in either a combo exam or in two separate exams. The combo exam is 200-125 Accelerated CCNA. The two separate exams are 100-105 ICND1 and ICND2. The two separate exams, however, contain a syllabus divided into parts. This exam has no required or recommended qualifications.  The total duration of the exam is 90 minutes. It contains about 50-60 questions and costs around 325 USD. Candidates should score at least 75 percent to pass the exam.

A CCNA certified person qualifies for network administrator, network engineer, network support specialist jobs as well as many other jobs. Till now, CCNA data center is the highest paid job. Earning a CCNA certification will pay candidates in the thousands of dollars.

CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professionals) Certification

Cisco CCNP Certification exam practice questions and answersOne of the best Cisco Certifications for networking professionals is the CCNP Certification.  Professionals that have one year of experience in the industry and are seeking growth in their career should take this exam. There are many types of CCNP such as security, cloud, collaboration, design, industrial plants and wireless. The recommended certification is CCNP routing and switching.

After taking the CCNP exam, one will have the knowledge and skills to implement, verify and troubleshooting local as well as remote networks. One can use LAN and WAN connections on hundreds of devices. Professionals can also collaborate with security, wireless and video solutions specialists. After achieving this qualification, the candidate can work independently on Cisco systems.

A CCNP Certification requires passing three different exams: 300-101 ROUTE, 300-115 SWITCH and 300-135 TSHOOT. For the CCNP Certification, the candidate must qualify for a CCNA exam. This exam does not require any recommended condition. Each exam contains a total of 45 questions. The candidate has to solve them in 2 hours. The cost for each exam is 300 USD. Candidates should score at least 75 percent to pass the exam.

A CCNP certified candidate is eligible for enterprise level networking level jobs. These jobs include network administrator, network engineer or technician, and system engineer. Among all fields, CCNP data center pays more than the other types. A CCNP certified candidate’s salary starts at ninety thousand dollars.

CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert) Certification

Everything about Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)CCIE is for candidates who wish to gain expertise in network levels.  CCIE is the best Cisco Certification for 2017 for networking professionals. According to the reports, CCIE is the technically advanced IT certification in networking. Candidates who have the CCIE Certification receive the highest salary compared to others. CCIE contains seven different tracks. One has to choose the track according to the networking technology in which he wishes to certify. These tracks include routing & switching, service provider, security, data center, wireless, and collaboration.

A CCIE certified professional can easily plan, operate and troubleshoot complex networks on any Cisco equipment. One has to gain deeper understanding of the topics for the exams. Around 3 to 4 years of experience is necessary for taking the exam.

A CCIE Certification requires passing a written and a lab exam. These exams do not require any recommended condition. Candidates have to solve 100 questions in a two-hour time duration. After passing the written exam, the candidate becomes eligible for the lab exam. Total time duration of the lab exam is 8 hours. In case the aspirant fails to pass the lab exam, he can retake the exam after a one month period. Each attempt on the written exam costs 400 USD while the cost of the lab exam is 1600 USD. The applicant can take up to eighteen-months to take the lab exam. The candidate has to take the written exam every two years to retain their CCIE Certification.

According to reports, the CCIE Certified candidate has the expected average salary of ten thousand dollars. One qualifies as a server administrator, network engineer or both after achieving the CCIE Certification.

To take a Cisco exam, you can consult free training materials at Exam Labs. There, you will not only get the study material but also video guides to pass any Cisco exam and earn the Certification. These certifications not only help to get promotions in a company but also increase the salary of the candidates. Without these certificates, achieving success in networking field is really tough. So, candidates should prefer to get these certifications to achieve success in short time.

How To Pass 2V0-620 vSphere 6 Foundations Beta Exam?

How to pass the 2V0-620 exam on the first try?

Knowing that the applications of vSphere 6 will have massive impacts on the technical industry, both now and in the future, how do you organize yourself to pass the 2V0-620 exam on the first try, and be a pioneer in the latest and greatest in the technical revolution that is currently occurring? The first step is to enroll with an accredited examiner of the 2V0-620 exam. VMware is the accrediting body for the certification. The following are the details sourced from their website:

Exam Number: 2V0-620
Exam Price: $120 USD. Exam prices will change on 1 April 2017. Learn More
Duration: 115 minutes
Number of Questions: 65
Passing Score: 300
Validated Against: vSphere 6
Exam Languages: English
Format: Single and Multiple Choice, Non-Proctored, Online
Additional Exam Details available at the VMware site

Armed with the training materials available at the VMware site, once you register, you’ll be in a good position to ace the exam at the first try. VMware is also gracious enough to provide you with additional practice exams, along with a well-versed community of users who’ll be happy to assist you with the preparation process. With all this at your disposal, you are in good hands.
There is no such thing as too much practice. Additionally, you can rely on additional equally equivalent sources for VMware certification examination information from Exam-Labs.com. Practice exams for 2V0-620 are available at your disposal. Recommended practice exams are available here. For those persons who are visual learners, Exam-Labs has YouTube video practice questions to assist you you’re your preparation process.
You are well on your way to passing the 2V0-620 exam on the first try! No one has time to repeat exams when the world is waiting for you to solve its digital problems!

What are the 2V0-620 exam topics?

The 2V0-620 exam is divided into seven main subsets highlighted below:

  1. Install and configure vCenter Server and ESXI
  2. Configure vSphere Networking
  3. Configure VSphere Storage
  4. Deploy and Administer Virtual Machines and vApps
  5. Establish and Maintain Availability and Resource Management Features
  6. Perform Basic Troubleshooting
  7. Monitor a vSphere Implementation

With the VMware Certification practice process described above, you are well on your way to success in the 2V0-620 examination.

What is vSphere 6?

How To Pass 2V0-620 vSphere 6 Foundations Beta Exam?vSphere 6, supported by VMware, is a virtualization platform. Virtualization is an evolving aspect of the tech industry that enables the division of a hard drive into various virtual or digital partitions. The applications of virtualization are widespread and worthy of gaining technical competence in. How does one gain an VMWare Certification that facilitates virtualization? The answer is to engage in the 2V0-620 exam also known as the vSphere 6 Foundations Beta Exam.
Virtualization as a technology originated many years ago, and it facilitates more efficient processing power in information technology based systems such as operating systems. Virtualization involves the creation of abstract layers in technologies to separate an application such as data storage from the underlying hardware or software. With the advent of the internet, servers are prime candidates for virtualization technologies. Server hardware is “replaced” by its virtual twin, which interacts with the system operating system. As the underlying hardware is relieved of its duties, system flexibility and efficiency can be increased. This is a key advantage to facilitate the growing demand on computing power. If you envision yourself engaged in such activities, the VMWare Certification is ideal for you.

Applications of Virtualization

Knowing that the technical world is ready to embrace your additional skills with eagerness, here are a few applications of the information technology industry where virtualization is evolving and emerging:

1) Network virtualization – The internet is becoming globally ubiquitous and it requires hardware and software infrastructure to facilitate this necessary utility. In networks, virtualization helps to simplify the complex nature of a network by separating bandwidth into subsets called channels, and then distributing them across the network in the desired paths.
2) Storage virtualization – Central data storage that facilitates the translation of data from several physical locations into one focal point.
3) Server virtualization – optimization of server performances by facilitating hardware independence.

Virtualization is a concept that has been evolving in the technical industry for a few decades. As technology evolves, it is becoming increasingly important to optimize the processing power of machines via virtualization processes, as physical systems are limited in their ability to handle processing capability without continuous upgrades. Virtualization overcomes this limitation. How to the pass the vSphere 6 foundation examination is at your fingertips with our ultimate guide in 2V0-62- mastery. The 2V0-620 examination serves as a credibility booster, who will facilitate the sustenance of your virtualization career, as the digital economy evolves.
For further details access Exam-Labs.com here.

How To Prepare For APICS CSCP Certification Exam?

How To Prepare For APICS CSCP Certification Exam?It is often asked “how to prepare for APICS CSCP certification?” and what is this for? The APICS CSCP certification is a benefit for those in the supply chain profession. CSCP certification is available from only two organizations, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS). There are two types of certifications that are offered by APICS. They are CPIM (Certified or Certification in Production and Inventory Management) and CSCP which deals in supply chain management. Other than CSCP, one of the key certifications offered by ISM, is the Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) certificate, which is mainly geared towards procurement.

APICS CSCP certification student memberships are given for free while professional memberships cost $200 annually. However, those with APICS membership are given a discount off the learning system of approximately $330. For those with friends that have an interest in studying, they can get a discount. This is available if you purchase more than one course, but the purchases have to be made at the same time.

How To Prepare For APICS CSCP Certification Exam?

Job Opportunities

The CSCP certification offers a range of different opportunities in the employment industry. With this certification, one can get many opportunities in supply chain management. The certification helps those who have obtained it to tackle problems in supply management. There are many MBA programs that promote the CSCP certification, even among their current students.

Certification Cost

Although the cost is high, this investment in getting the certification is worth it. The total investment for individuals to earn APICS certification through self-study differs between North American regions and regions outside North America. The estimated cost of the CSCP learning system and the exam for those in North America is $1690 for members and for non-members, it is $2255. For those outside North America, the charges are $2,045 for members and $2,640 for non-members. However, costs may vary slightly due to tax or currency variance.

Learning System and Study Materials

The CSCP certification study materials are not cheap. However, for those who are employed, there are employers who are happy to chip in with the cost of studying the course. The majority of employers allocate between $1000 and $2000 to support employees undertaking the course.

One can study for CSCP certification through a local or online class. The other method to study is to walk into an APICS learning system group that will help you to make several consultations. However, you should be careful and find a group that does not charge more than that charged using the book based course. It is important to go to classes since they help one find motivation. However, for those who are brilliant and feel that they can pass the exam using free study materials opt for Exam-Labs and other online resources instead of going for classes, and prefer to follow that route.

In order to get the APICS CSCP certification, it is best for individuals to adopt the self-study form of the learning system. When undertaking the test many people have confirmed that the www.Exam-Labs.com study material is really important to earn this certification and their system teaches what is tested.

Timescale for Studies

It takes about three months to complete the APICS learning system. For those who manage to read more than one hour a day, they can complete their studies and be ready for the exam more quickly. When one passes the online quizzes with at least 80%, one is assured of passing the exam.

Method of Studying APICS CSCP Exam

Taking a pretest is important so as to get an idea of what the questions in the actual exam will be like. If one does not get over 80% pass, one should consider retaking the test so that they read up on the questions missed. The CSCP certification exam content manual also provides very good guidelines for exam preparation. The Exam Content Manual has a content outline that is divided into major topic areas and each of these topics is emphasized in the manual by a percentage figure which indicates its importance and the weight attached to it. In order to provide learners with knowledge of supply chain practices, APICS provides the best educational resources for certification exam preparation.

It is vital beforehand to master definitions and terms in the APICS dictionary and Application. The APCIS dictionary is regarded as the most comprehensive reference point for operations and supply chain terminologies.


The APICS CSCP Certification test is straightforward and it is similar to other standardized tests. However, it is worth knowing that the CSCP exam is often limited to particular locations depending on the number of students within that region.

Final Words

It is important for students undertaking the APICS CSCP test to be aware that it is a certification that could improve their careers so they should take it seriously. Moreover, they should prepare well beforehand for the tests and ensure they read the right sections, the sections on which they will be tested. So get the right material and consult Exam-Labs website.

Complete Guide to CEH Certification – Certified Ethical Hacker

Complete Guide to CEH Certification - Certified Ethical HackerBecoming a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), is a professional competitive advantage in an emerging digital economy. A CEH, as the name suggests, is a dual function agent for the betterment of modern digital living. As a skilled professional, a Certified Ethical Hacker understands digital systems and their points of weakness. They understand the mindset of a malicious hacker, and knowing how such individuals think, the CEH is then able to design protective mechanisms into the systems they assess. The ultimate outcome is a nice wall of defense that protects both consumer and business applications. As your complete guide to the CEH examination, you rest assured that you will be able to protect the security of those who choose to live the digital lifestyle.

Advantages of becoming Certified Ethical Hacking trained:

Achieving a CEH Credential can facilitate great possibilities in your career, as both consumer and business experiences become more digital. The CEH credential acts as a differentiator during the job interview process, but it also brands the recipient with a mark of academic credibility in a specialized subset of information security. Additional CEH Certification Benefits include:

  • Achievement of current minimum standards for ethical hacking to benefit information security specialists. You will keep evolving your skills as time passes, but this is a great launching pad during your professional tenure.
  • Inform the public of an information security specialist’s honest intentions as you approach businesses, or your own organization for information system contracts. Clients always want to feel assured of your credibility. This is an excellent way to prove your competence to them.
  • Regulation of ethical hacking practices as a respectable profession. Malicious hackers have proven themselves in the eyes of the public as a menacing presence. As an ethical hacker, you have the policing perspective of the same field, which you will execute in a standardized and organized way.

How to become CEH Certified?

Knowing the current condition of the digital world, it is desirable to  become a CEH. Pursuing the Certified Ethical Hacker examination is a great choice. Certified Ethical Hacking Certifications are granted through the EC-council, as well as other Authorized Training Centers (ATC’s) which act as affiliates for the organization. The certification process is comprised of completing a 4 hour, 125 multiple choice question based examination, which you execute after the conclusion of requisite training.

Training can either be self-taught, or via the tutelage of trainers at ATC’s. A point to note with respect to being self-taught, is that you have to provide documentary proof of your previous credibility in information systems. The EC-council requests up to two years’ worth of information security experience as a baseline for this condition. Barring this condition, any supplemental experiences can be used as proof of professional credibility. The safest option, if you’re not sure you meet the criteria for self-teaching, is to simply utilize the training facilities. This facilitates convenience, and releases your mind from self-doubt about your own abilities. The training centers will ensure that you cover all the relevant criteria for the examination, and guide you to extra readings or exercises where necessary.

Upon completion of the CEH examination, recertification will be required every three years. This ensures that as a professional, you are in keeping with the current industry standards.

Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exams:

Preparing for the CEH Exam is a breeze, when you have the right resources at your fingertips. As your complete guide to the Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH) examination, the following tools are ideal opportunities for you to boost your academic confidence as you take on this great new challenges. Recommended Practice Exams, can be found at  www.exam-labs.com, a leading website that features CEH content, as well as other popular IT Certifications. The CEH exam practice exams are readily accessible at the site. Since this is an investment in your future, use this tool to your advantage.

Future Possibilities

As a Certified Ethical Hacker, the possibilities for your skills are endless. Payscale.com’s February 2017 assessment identified the average baseline salary of CEH’s at $89,000 per annum. Of course, this rate is dependent on your organization, as well as your level of expertise in the field. As you continue to grow yourself and prove your credibility, more opportunities and an increase in your income will be the fruitful outcome.

In summary, becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker is a great advantage to an information systems professional in the digital economy. The CEH Certification Exam is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition in information security, and assure your clients of your credibility in protecting their systems. As your complete guide to the CEH certification process, the aforementioned advice is intended to ensure your success. Good luck in your preparation.

Complete Guide to CEH Certification - Certified Ethical Hacker

How To Pass CompTia Advanced Security Practitioner Certification (CASP)?

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The CompTIA CASP Certification Exam is key to your professional credibility as a member of the global information technology workforce. With a key focus on advancing your competency in IT security, you will be extremely confident in offering your services to organizations, to defend them against real or perceived cybersecurity threats.  CompTIA, the creators of this prestigious certification, are committed to ensuring that you can prove yourself to be the best in this area of technical expertise. By proving your mastery of your craft, you will be even more confident to face the digital revolution that faces us all. If you’re interested in passing the CompTIA Certification “Advanced Security Practitioner Certification” exam, then this is your ultimate guide to success in your exam.

What is CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification?

How To Pass CompTia Advanced Security Practitioner Certification (CASP)?As devices become interconnected via internet connectivity, the threats of cyber security breaches are increasingly on the rise. Having the foresight to spot vulnerabilities in IT systems, for the sake of building digital defense mechanisms for your organization is a great competence to have. As all businesses, both manufacturing and service-based move towards a digital existence, it is imperative that organizations protect themselves from cyber-attacks that have the potential to ruin their operations, or breach digital boundaries and reveal their key competitive advantage secrets such as intellectual property. Enterprises are keen to prevent such occurrences, and need people with certifications such as the CASP certification exam to help them retain their competitive advantage.

As cyber-attacks become more complicated, the challenge of the CASP certified practitioner, will be to stay one step ahead of the game and utilize their combination of skill and creativity to stay one step ahead of the game. An in-depth system knowledge of IT infrastructure and its interactivity will be beneficial to the CASP practitioner. The CASP certification exam executes an in-depth analysis of current and future threats and facilitates the skills needed to tackle these exciting new challenges that the digital revolution brings.

The CompTIA team highlights the core focuses of the CASP certification exam as:

  • Enterprise security
  • Risk management
  • Incident response
  • Research and analysis
  • Integration of computing, communications and business disciplines
  • Technical integration of enterprise components.

Completing this examination allows you hands-on and practical experiences in the information security certification arena. CompTIA examiners pride themselves in offering practical skills compared to other certifications on the market. As a practitioner, knowing the “how” of systems, will give you a competitive advantage, compared to someone who only is theoretically grounded in the concepts of information security management.

Proactive action will always be required from an information security practitioner, as new devices, also identified as points of entry into information systems, are generated on an almost daily basis. Malicious hackers are always looking for innovative ways to breach systems, so having a heighted awareness of their moves, will allow you to take appropriate action.

When billions of dollars are on the line, CASP certified practitioners will become the digital police that facilitate the protection of critical consumer and business systems, and protect current and future fortunes.

Who qualifies for the CASP certification?

If you are a professional with at least 10 years of continuous experience in IT administration, coupled with 5 years of hands-on technical security experience, you are well on your way to becoming CASP certified. Along with the general CASP certification exam, you have the potential to be trained in protecting government information systems, which is critical knowledge for the defense of your own country’s systems against external breaches.

Training resources for the CASP certification

Preparedness is the key to success in any endeavor. Various tools are available to facilitate the smooth execution of your CompTIA examination. The first tool is Exam-labs.com, which features http://woocowhotpot.com.hk?exam=info/CAS-002 as one of its offerings.  Exam-labs.com is a hub of examination materials. This medium is a valuable tool to facilitate appropriate preparation for this critical certification.

Additionally, online tools such as Skillsoft’s CAS-002 eLearning  tool are great simulations of the real experience. As a guide that allows you self-teach, you can work through the CASP preparation process at your own pace, and utilize multi-dimensional modes of learning, to keep yourself engaged through the rigors of examination practice.

CASP related job enhancements

Payscale.com’s February 2017 assessment of Information Security Analysts featured a salary range of US $50,335-$107,276 as the average of the practitioners they surveyed. This range is a good guideline of your worth once you receive CASP certification. As always, the salary is organization based, and it is in your own hands to command what you know you deserve, having worked through various projects in your professional tenure. The CompTIA certification examination is a potential goldmine for today’s keen information security analyst.

How to the pass the CompTIA examination is at your fingertips with our ultimate guide in CASP mastery. The CASP examination serves as a credibility booster, who will facilitate the sustenance of your information security career, as the digital economy evolves.

Complete Guide to CCNA Security – 210-260 Certification Test

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CCNA Security- 210-260 is a vital professional certification for a successful career path; however, before shedding light on the complete guide to CCNA Security 210-260, let us have a look on the basic information on the Cisco Certification Career Program. There is a wide range of confirmations and ways you can take Cisco’s profession program, but the two principle ways are system operations and system outlines. The regular Cisco organized confirmation stepping stone starts with the section level CCENT qualification, climbs to the CCNA certification and thereafter the CCNP, and comes full circle with the CCIE. If you are well located, you could consider beginning with the CCENT, climbing to the CCDA, followed by the professional-level CCDP, and then the CCDE, and completing the program by accomplishing the CCAr.

Cisco Certifications

The Cisco Certification Career Program offers five levels of accreditation – entry-level, associate, proficient, expert, and architect. Accreditations in Cisco’s program incorporate the accompanying certifications:

  • Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)
  • Cisco Certified Technician (CCT)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP)
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)
  • Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE)
  • Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr)

The Cisco Certification program additionally incorporates various specializations, which recognize an expert’s abilities for a particular Cisco innovation, for example, server farm application administrations, voice messaging and informing or rich media. Achieving a professional accreditation, by and large, requires passing a couple of exams. A few accreditations likewise require essentials. Entry level, associate level, and expert level qualifications are substantial over a long period of time, as are the CCIE and professional confirmations as well as the CCAr, which all remain legitimate for a long time. To keep their certification up to date, Cisco experts need to recertify by passing recertification exams or progressing to the following level in Cisco’s affirmation chain of importance.

CCNA Security – 210-260 Certification

This exam tests the learning of secure system frameworks, the understanding of central security ideas, VPN encryption, firewalls, interruption anticipation, the web and email content security, and endpoint security utilizing:

  • SIEM Technology
  • Cloud and Virtual Network Topologies
  • 1x Authentication
  • BYOD, Bring Your Device
  • Identity Services Engine (ISE)
  • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection

This exam approves the ability to install, investigate, troubleshoot, and monitor a secure network and to keep confidentiality, integrity, controlling devices and availability of information and data. The exam duration is 90 minutes, comprises of 60-70 questions and will cost $250.

The accompanying course is the suggested when preparing for this exam:

  • Implementing Cisco Network Security (IINS)
  • Implementing Cisco Network Security (IINS) E-Learning

All the courses mentioned are offered by Cisco Learning Partners – the most approved body for Cisco IT with instruction from Certified Cisco Instructors.

CCNA Security 210-260 Official Certificate Guide

Complete Guide to CCNA Security – 210-260 Certification TestCCNA Security 210-260 Official Certificate Guide is the best Cisco exam for someone contemplating the CCNA Security Implementing Cisco Network Security (IINS) 210-260 exam. The CCNA Security Guide offers you with a structured test-readiness program using illustrated component and strategy arrangements. “Do I Know This Already?” tests are available for every segment and allows you to choose how much time you have to spend on each segment. Referencing is made simple by a listing of authorized exam subjects. The Exam Preparation Tasks help you to focus on the areas that you should know well.

CCNA Security 210-260 Official Certificate Guide is a prescribed study guide from Cisco that incorporates all the requirements and preparation needed. To discover more about teacher-driver preparing, e-learning, and hands-on direction offered by authorized Cisco Learning Partners around the world, please visit the respective websites.


Exam-Labs.com is one of the most popular professional certification coaching websites, which provides required learning materials for CCNA Security 210-260 certification along with video support. The material is introduced in a succinct way, concentrating on expanding your comprehension and maintenance of exam points. The material offered by Exam-Labs helps you ace each of the points on the CCNA Security Implementing Cisco Network Security 210-260 exam, including:

  • Security ideas and dangers
  • Implementing AAA utilizing IOS and ISE
  • Bring Your Device (BYOD)
  • VPN innovation and cryptography
  • IP security
  • Implementing IPsec site-to-site VPNs
  • Implementing SSL using Cisco ASA
  • Securing Layer 2
  • Network Foundation Protection (NFP)
  • Securing the administration, information, and control panels
  • Understand, execute, and design Cisco firewall innovations
  • Cisco IPS essentials
  • Mitigation advances for email, electronic, and endpoint dangers

Online videos on CCNA Security Certification Practice Tests available at Exam-Labs allow you to concentrate on particular subject choices which are found in the coordinated exams. The evaluation process likewise tracks your execution and gives feedback and a total appraisal of your insight to help you center your studies where it is required most. You can get a lot of help from the website, for the subjects such as CCP, NAT, ACLs, port security on Layer 2 switches, CP3L, and zone-based firewalls.

Exam-Labs offers all the latest and complete Cisco Network Security 210-260 practice exams. They support candidates through providing free access to the most updated exam questions and answers on 210-260 exam and pass the test from the first try. For this year’s latest exam questions and answers, you may access the site and see for yourself all the preparation material that comes to your aid.

Final Words

CCNA Security 210-260 exam empowers you with knowledge and expertise in networking, and empower you to bargain for the higher career opportunities. In addition, helps in negotiating a pay rise easier and quickly. It will not only provide additional job security but also make you more in-demand.

Certainly, this is the real path to success!

How To Prepare For MCSD Certification?

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This blog entry will describe what the MCSD certification is, how it is structured and how to prepare for MCSD certification. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MSCD) certification is an intermediate level Microsoft Certification offered to IT professionals and students. MCSD certification is an ideal fit for those individuals developing enterprise solutions based on Microsoft technologies and tools. Common job titles that require certification, such as MCSD, upon application are:

  • Software Architect
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Programmer/Developer/Engineer.

MCSD Certification Requirements

When considering how to prepare for MCSD certification, the first thing to verify is any pre-exam requirements. There are no educational requirements for the MCSD certification, but a majority of individuals hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree. For many of the certification exams, Microsoft recommends a minimum of 1 to 2 years of working experience with a given technology solution. It is, therefore, expected that individuals taking the MCSD exam have strong communication and problem-solving skills, in addition to expertise in Visual Studio, .NET Framework, Azure, and other development tools.

MCSD Certification Exams

To complete the MCSD certification, an individual applicant must pass multiple exams, each one with a focus on a particular programming language, platform or service. For example, to complete the MCSD Azure Solutions Architect certification track, an applicant has to pass three main exams:

  1. Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions [Exam Code 70-532]
  2. Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions [Exam Code 70-533]
  3. Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions [Exam Code 70-534]

MCSD 70-532

The MCSD 70-532 exam is designed for a developer audience, with experience in .NET highly relevant. The exam requires that one be proficient with development techniques and tools, as well as have experience in developing resilient and scalable solutions. The MCSD 70-532 exam is comprised of the following topics:

  1. Design and Implement Websites (15 – 20%)
  2. Create and Manage Virtual Machines (20 – 25%)
  3. Design and implement cloud services (20-25%)
  4. Design and implement a storage strategy (20-25%)
  5. Manage application and network services (15-20%)

For the full exam objectives, refer to the official page of the MCSD 70-532.

MCSD 70-533

The MCSD Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 70-533 is designed for an IT Pro audience. It is recommendable that someone intending to take this exam to have experience in the implementation of solutions on the Azure platform. The 70-533 exam requires that applicants have familiarity with Active Directory, networking, PowerShell, and general infrastructure aspects. The MCSD 70-533 exam is comprised of the following topics:

  1. Implement websites
  2. Implement virtual machines
  3. Implement cloud services
  4. Implement storage
  5. Implement an Azure Active Directory
  6. Implement virtual networks

All the 70-533 objectives have estimated percentages of 15-20% on a typical exam. For the full exam objectives, refer to the official 70-533 web page:

MCSD 70-534

The MCSD Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions 70-534 exam targets Software Architects or Solutions Architects. 70-534 requires one to have a strong understanding of the various technologies in Azure and their configurations in relation to one another. The MCSD 70-534 exam is comprised of the following topics:

  • Design Microsoft Azure infrastructure and networking
  • Secure resources
  • Design an application storage and data access strategy
  • Design an advanced application
  • Design websites
  • Design a management, monitoring, and business continuity strategy

Each of the 70-534 topic objectives has an estimated percent of 15-20% in an exam. For the full exam objectives, refer to the official web page.

Preparing for the MCSD Exams

Completing MCSD certification is both a thorough and complex process. So back to the initial question of, how to prepare for MCSD certification? Dedicated time to study the materials and practice exams will help you pass the 70% score requirement set by Microsoft.

Among the many resources for preparing for these exams are exam reference books and practice tests. Microsoft Azure offers several free eBooks for learning the various Azure features. Azure Exam Ref 70-533 & Exam Ref 70-534,  are some excellent resources for preparing for these exams.

A much more practical way to prepare for the certification exams is practicing and passing MCSD sample tests. An excellent place to find practice tests for the MCSD certification exams is at Exam-Labs, where you can find the sample tests for all three components – 70-532, 70-533, and 70-534.

By asking questions similar to those in the actual exams, Exam-labs’ tests allow you to have the experience of a real exam. The sample exams help you determine your weak areas, and help you focus on them before taking the actual tests. In addition to the sample tests, Exam-labs has created a YouTube video that will provide you with insight and preparedness for taking the MCSD 70-533 exam.

Using this information and links should help you understanding how to prepare for MCSD certification. These materials will aide you in preparing and passing the exams, and earning your MCSD Certification.

CCIE Certification – Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

Everything about Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)In today’s rapidly evolving technological arena, arming yourself with one of the world’s premier network engineering certifications is a surefire way to kick start your career. Whether you’re a new engineer just starting out in the industry, or a senior engineer on the continuous professional development trail after years of on the job experience, it is always beneficial to keep sharpening your mental saw. Knowledge is always power when it is applied in the right contexts. This blog post aims to demystify the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Certification (CCIE) exam. We iron out all the kinks and give you the confidence to be successful in the exam, execute with precision, and claim the future that you always knew was possible for you.

What is the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification exam?

Originating in 1993, the CCIE is a group of certifications that are internationally recognized as the best of the best in network engineering certifications. Any one holding this qualification is recognized as an expert in their craft. With a high level of competency displayed by the holder of this accolade, it is no question that CCIE certified engineers are called upon to handle some of the biggest challenges facing the industry today. Imagine yourself involving telecommunications challenges for companies like AT&T, all the way to supply chain management for global Ecommerce giants such as Amazon and Wal-Mart. As the world becomes more interconnected, network engineers will be called on to keep the smart supply chains and utility management systems intact and functioning. When a customer orders a product online, ordering systems with an internet link to the respective warehouses are needed to make the entire delivery process seamless. The possibilities are endless for a network engineer.

The CCIE is a combination of a written exam, coupled with a lab based examination which allows the examinee to expose their talents in both these aspects of their job function. Focus areas for the CCIE certification exams include:

  • Routing and Switching
  • Collaboration
  • Data Center
  • Security
  • Service Provider
  • Wireless

What are the requirements and how to apply for the CCIE certification? 

Cisco allows you to take the CCIE without any formal pre-requisites. What the organization is banking on for your certification is your years of knowledge building, coupled with your hands-on industrial experience as a network engineer. Competent persons in the field will have mastered certain core requirements, which will be integral to the body of the exam. Once you can prove your competency in the subject areas, as well as your practical skills, you are well on your way to being a CCIE qualified network engineer.
You can register for the exam online via Cisco.

How long is a CCIE valid for?

All CCIE certifications are valid for two years after certification. Continuous renewal ensures that the individual is keeping up to date with current industry trends. If the certification expires or becomes inactive, an individual has the option of taking the next level certification (grade above the current) or re-sitting recertification exams to prove their competency.
Cisco has an excellent tool that facilitates the monitoring of the status of your CCIE certification.This tool is the Cisco Career Certifications Tracking System. Use the tool to stay on top of your continuing professional development tool status.

What is CCIE certification cost?

The CCIE certification costs vary slightly from location to location. At the time of writing of this article, for a US certification USD 400 was the cost of the written examination. The lab exam is approximately USD 1500. Also, factor in additional travel expenses for the lab exam based on your geographical location. The lab exam is challenging, so ensure that you are thoroughly prepared before you commit to expense of pursuing the endeavor.

What is Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) salary and job opportunities?

Payscale.com has an excellent assessment of 604 network engineers and their respective salaries. Salary variations are to be anticipated based on industrial experience and geographical location. The following is the salary breakdown for network engineers varying from new hires to senior engineers in the industry:

Less than 1 year: $61,042
1-4 years: $79,668
5-9 years: $96,133
10-19 years: $124,965
20 years or more: $139,814

The data for this article was compiled on December 24, 2016. All dollar figures are quoted in USD. Job opportunities are variable. The top 5 Companies to work for as a CCIE certified engineer are Cisco Systems Inc, Juniper Networks, AT&T, Amazon.com Inc, Verizon Business Inc. Telecommunications companies top the list because they require robust networks to facilitate their service delivery.  In the USA, the top five job hubs for network engineers are in the tech heavy regions: San Jose, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Raleigh.

Of course, we will not discount the possibility of consulting, which allows you to dictate your own salary, once you have a suitable client base and industrial experience. Many small and medium size enterprises need network engineers to assist their operations to become smarter.

What is the difference between CCIE and CCNP certifications?

The CCIE is a more rigorous and detailed examination compared to the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). A sample exam can be experienced at Exam-labs website. While both exams have an intense focus on analyzing a candidate’s abilities in routing and switching, the level of depth is more intense in the former that with the latter. CCIE has both a written and practical component, rendering it costlier and more valuable as a certification than the CCNP. The CCNP is predominantly exam based.

What’s the recommended training for CCIE certification Exam?

There are various alternatives available for training for the CCIE. As a start, since the examination is a Cisco issued examination, the organization has detailed planning and training materials available on their website. The Cisco training package has a nice process flow path which has the following elements:

  • Identify path,
  • Train and study
  • Exam
  • Recertify

The Cisco website also outlines the various certification tracks: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, Architect. Knowing where you are in the system gives you a roadmap for your continuous professional growth.

There are also various free training materials available all over the world-wide web. With information being so ubiquitous, search sites such as Google.com and YouTube for training materials in multimedia format, that can help to enhance your learning based on your predominant learning style.

Where can I find free CCIE certification study guides?

The CCIE certification study guides are available at various sources. This article will feature only two for the sake of brevity.
1) The Cisco Learning Center – Designed to help you succeed in your exam, videos as well as documents are available for you to view. Free limited content is available, and any additional information can be accessed for a membership fee. Details are on the site.
2) Exam-labs.com – Free unlimited content is available for your perusal.

Happy preparation and best of luck!

CompTIA Security+ Certification – SY0-401 exam

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Network security is a crucial factor in every corporation. With the numerous and large amounts of data being transmitted, it is important that strong security is put in place to guard against threats, viruses, and data loss. The CompTIA Security+ certification equips IT specialists with the skills and competence needed to protect data and networks from threats and vulnerabilities. This guide provides details regarding the CompTIA Security certification exam, which includes costs, requirements, recommended study guides, and how to prepare for the exam.

What is the CompTIA Security+ Certification?

The CompTIA Security+ certification is a globally recognized credential which focuses on network security and how to prevent hackers from entering into a network and destroying huge amounts of data within seconds. This certification exam supports three languages – English, Japanese and Portuguese.

How to schedule the CompTIA Security+ exam?

Scheduling the CompTIA Security+ exam is a simple process. You can register on the Pearson VUE website, choose the correct test center and buy a voucher to take the exam. Before scheduling the exam, one must make sure that over 30+ hours of studying under their belt. This will help you to prepare and to gain the necessary confidence to take the exam and pass with flying colors.

How much does the CompTIA Security+ exam cost?

The exam costs $311, which includes the cost of registration, the voucher, and the exam itself.

What are the requirements for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam?

You are required to take and pass the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certification exams before taking this exam. This is a daunting and challenging exam and therefore requires extensive study. Before taking this exam, you are required to have 2 years’ experience in IT administration, centered on security. These requirements are important because they will help you understand the reasons why a network needs security and how to effectively develop a strong security system for that network.

The exam has a total of 90 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in 90 minutes. You are required to have a passing score of 750 out of 900 before you can be certified.

What are the recommended CompTIA Security+ study guides?

The recommended CompTIA Security+ study guides for the process are the study materials from CompTIA official website and practice exams, which include multitude questions, which appeared in past actual exams.

Where can I find free CompTIA Security+ certification study guides?

CompTIA Security+ Certification including SY0-401 practice examwww.Exam-labs.com is a website that provides individuals with examination study tools and materials for free. The website offers you the effective tools needed for exam preparations. You can gain access to numerous study guides and practice tests on Exam-labs.com to help you pass the exam in one go. Exam-labs will not only provide you with free resources but it also gives you the opportunity to practice tests on CompTIA Security+ certification, such as SY0-401 test.

This certification provides you with skill and competence in network security; compliance and operational security; threats and vulnerabilities; application, data and host security; access control and identity management and cryptography.

We hope that the information in this post was helpful and good luck in your journey towards becoming CompTIA Security+ certified!