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Question No : 1

When deploying an M+N cluster, what is the best practice to maintain optimal performance
across the nodes?

A. Deploy Co-ordination Point Server
B. Deploy VCS advanced workload management
C. Configure cascading failover policies
D. Configure triggers to failover depending on performance of servers

Question No : 2

Which of the following enables you to test the O/S and application configuration of a node
by bringing up the application on an inactive node without stopping the application on the
primary node ordisrupting user access?

A. HA Fire Drill
C. VCS Simulator
D. Fire Drill using snapshots

Question No : 3

A consultant is in the middle of an implementation. There are some issues, for which
Symantec technical support has recommended that they install a patch for Veritas Cluster
Server (VCS) 5.1. Which of the following sites should you ordinarily use to obtaina copy of
the latest patches for VCS?

A. SF/HA software (trailware site) -
B. SF/HA software (official download site) -
C. SF/HA Support Portal (UNIX) -
D. Symantec Operations Readiness Tools site -

Question No : 4

Which tool is required to collect information about a cluster to send to Symantec Support?

A. SORT scripts
B. VRTSexplorer
D. Vertias cluster server simulator

Question No : 5

When designing a Storage Foundation 5.1 CFS cluster, what is the maximum number of
systems that can be configured within a single cluster?

A. 8 nodes
B. 16 nodes
C. 32 nodes
D. 64 nodes

Question No : 6

Which critical engagement meeting ensures all stake holders have the same expectations
of the goals and deliverables of the project?

A. Customer Needs Assessment Meeting
B. Customer Engagement Planning Meeting
C. Business Requirements Meeting
D. Project Kick-off Meeting

Question No : 7

In a 2-node 5.1 Replicated Data Cluster using VVR, which option should be discussed with
the customer?

A. setting the AutoFailover service group attribute to 2
B. using SystemZones for the service groups
C. setting the ClusterFailOverPolicy service group attribute to Manual
D. using Hybrid service groups for the replication service group

Question No : 8

How do you prevent concurrency violations occurring when bringing a Fire Drill Service
Group online?

A. Disable violation trigger
B. Disable CheckConCurrency attribute
C. Enable FireDrill attribute
D. Freeze the real service group the FireDrill is testing

Question No : 9

In the Symantec services ADTO solution lifecycle model, where does the VCS and SF/HA
Implementation service fall?

A. Transform
B. Design and Transform
C. Assess, Design and Transform
D. Transform and Operate

Question No : 10

What precautions must you take to ensure that VCS jeopardy protection is allowed to
function correctly?

A. VCS should be configured to only seed the cluster when a majority of servers are running to prevent a possible split-brain condition if theheartbeat links between two or more servers are down.
B. VCS should be configured to deploy disk heartbeats to protect the cluster in the event of a network failure impacting one or more heartbeatlinks
C. VCS heartbeat links should be physically and logically independent, including having separate network controllers, cables, switches and VLANs(if deployed) for each of the heartbeat links
D. VCS should be configured with one or more low-priority heartbeat links using the public network interfaces to provide a fall-back capability inthe event of the private heartbeat links failing

Question No : 11

Which two tools or utilities can be deployed for installing Veritas Cluster Server 5.1 on
Windows? (Select two.)

A. Common Product Installer (CPI)
B. Web Installer
C. Symantec Product Installer
D. Veritas Operations Manager (VOM)
E. Setup.exe

Question No : 12

A customer has a custom application running on a Linux environment that they want to
cluster using VCS 5.1. Since this is a custom application, they asked if the Application
agent that is supplied with VCS will be able to manage their application. Which requirement
can be handled using the MonitorProcesses attribute of the Application agent?

A. Monitoring a single process with a string longer than 80 characters
B. Monitoring child processes that have identical process strings
C. Monitoringa non-root process, where StartProgram runs as root and runs "su - non_root_user"
D. Monitoring a process with string that contains a timestamp

Question No : 13

In a two-node VCS cluster, all heartbeat links simultaneously failed when a quad-ethernet
card that supports these networks went down on one of the servers. What might this

A. The GAB membership will go into a jeopardy state to prevent any service groups from failing over.
B. The violation trigger script will be called to shutdown one of the servers to minimize the risk of data corruption.
C. Thecluster will partition and create a split-brain condition which may result in data corruption.
D. The service groups will be auto-disabled until one or more of the heartbeat links resumes.

Question No : 14

At an administrator's first meeting with a customer, they realize that their customer is
expecting the product to do a certain function that the administrator is sure it cannot
accomplish. What should the administrator's response be?

A. call the account team
B. escalate to the administrator's manager
C. provide alternative solutions
D. call the product manager

Question No : 15

What is ordinarily considered to be out of scope for standard Veritas Cluster Server
Implementation service (unless otherwise specified in the SOW)?

A. Solution design
B. Knowledge Transfer
C. Execution of a Symantec Test Plan
D. Custom agent development

Question No : 16

Which two should be captured in the Symantec Design Report Questionnaire for a VCS or
SF/HA Implementation Service? (Select two.)

A. Prerequisites for implementing VCS
B. Details of the physical environment, including details of the servers, O/S networks and storage that will be deployed in the solution
C. List of VCS agents that will be deployed in the solution, including requirements for custom agents where applicable
D. List of the service groups, resources and dependencies that are to be configured in the solution
E. Details of the applications to be clustered, including service level objectives

Question No : 17

An administrator suspects a 2-node cluster using I/O fencing is not seeded, so they run
"gabconfig -a". Which output would confirm the administrator's suspicions?

A. No ports are shown.
B. Only port "d" is shown.
C. Only port "f" is shown.
D. Port "a" only shows membership of one node.

Question No : 18

Which two are included in the Symantec Test Plan for Veritas Cluster Server and SF/HA
5.1? (Select two.)

A. User Acceptance Tests (UAT)
B. Application Tests
C. Performance Tests
D. Startup, Failover and failback Tests
E. Testing of custom agents and trigger scripts

Question No : 19

Which mechanism should be deployed in a VCS global cluster configuration to minimize
the risk of a split brain condition occurring between the sites?

A. Coordination Point Server (CPS)
B. VCSComm process
C. Steward process

Question No : 20

A customer has asked you to implement a DR solution between two sites using VCS 5.1 on
Linux. Each site has a separate VLAN and therefore requires VCS to update their DNS
servers when failing over applications between sites so that the clients can reconnect to the
service. Which type of DNS server is not supported by the DNS agent for VCS?

A. DNS server on UNIX using BIND 9
B. DNS server on a non-UNIX server using BIND 9
C. Windows 2000 non-secure DNS server
D. Secure DNS server using GSS-TSIG authentication protocol

Showing 1-20 of 75 Questions   (Page 1 out of 4)



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