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Question No : 1

You have two opportunities named Opp1 and Opp2 that created to a customer. The
customer request a single quote that contains the line items from both opportunities. From
Opp1, you generate a new quote that contains all of the line items in Opp1. You need to
add the line items in Opp2 to the quote.
What should you did?

A. From Opp2, Click Assign
B. From Opp2, Click New Quote
C. From the quote, Click Get Products
D. From the quote, associate the quote to Opp2

Question No : 2

Your company has a Dynamics CRM organization.
The company plans to use the product catalog.
You need to identify which component must be configured before you can implement the
product catalog.

A. product families
B. product
C. price lists
D. unit groups

Question No : 3

The Base currency for your Dynamics CRM organization is US dollars.
You have an order that has a transaction currency in euros.
You need to identify which events will cause the exchange rate for the order to be
recalculated. Whit h two events should you identity? Each correct answer presents a
complete solution.

A. The currency of the order record is updated.
B. The exchange rates are updated in CRM.
C. The order record is opened.
D. The record state of the order record changes.

Question No : 4

You work for a hotel chain.
You integrate Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Social Engagement.
You need to identify which sources are available for Microsoft Social Engagement.
What are two possible sources? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Twitter
B. Facebook
C. Trip Advisor
D. Instagram

Question No : 5

You have a Dynamics CRM organization that uses Microsoft OneNote integration.
A user named User1 enters some information in a OneNote notebook for an account
record named Account. User1 owns the record for Account 1.
You need to identify who can open the notebook tor Account1 directly from OneNote.
Who should you identify?

A. all of the users who can view a notebook in CRM
B. only User1
C. all of the users who have Read access to Account1 in CRM
D. all of the users who can add notes ro Account1 in CRM

Question No : 6

You have Dynamics CRM organization that has 50,000 contacts in regions around the
Your job is to review the records of the contacts from three regions. The contacts in the
three regions are managed by different account managers. You work with only one of the
regions per day, updating the address information of the contacts in that region.
You need to view only the contacts from a specific region.
What should you do?

A. Follow the contact records.
B. Add access teams.
C. Create a dashboard.
D. Create personal views.

Question No : 7

You Have a quote named Quote1 that is sent to a customer. The customer approves the
quote. You generate an order from Quote 1 You need to identify the status of the order.
What should you identify?

A. Invoiced
B. Ready
C. Draft
D. Canceled
E. Active

Question No : 8

You have B Dynamics CRM organization that uses Microsoft Social Engagement
You need to analyze the sales pipeline and the Social sentiment to watch for social trends
that affect sales.
What should you do?

A. Configure a link to CRM in Microsoft Social Engagement, and then build an interactive dashboard.
B. Build a dashboard that has a chart for the pipeline and a widget from Microsoft Social Engagement.
C. Build a multi-stream dashboard that has a global filter.
D. Configure a link to CRM in Microsoft Social Engagement, and then build a personal view.

Question No : 9

Your company uses seminars and trade shows as its two primary methods to generate
leads. You want to analyze which method generates the most leads.
You generate a report that displays the number leads generated from trade shows and the
number of leads generated from seminars.
Which report should you use?

A. Sales Pipeline
B. Neglected Leads
C. Lead Source Effectiveness
D. Sales History

Question No : 10

You have a quote named Quote1 that was activated and presented to a customer
You plan to take a long leave of absence. In your absence, a user named User2 will take
ownership of Quo: You need to transfer ownership of Quote1 to User2.
What should you do?

A. Click Assign and select User2
B. Click Close and instruct User2 to create a new quote.
C. Click Share and select User2
D. Click Email a Link and select User2

Question No : 11

Your marketing team is promoting a sale that they will announce by using email. The email
message will be sent to existing customers who recently purchased similar products and to
potential customers from a purchased mailing list.
Any sales made as a result of the sale need to have the pricing applied, the sales must be
tracked so that the marketing team can report on the return on investment (ROl) of the
What are two possible ways to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete

A. Convert the email activities to leads.
B. Convert the campaign response activities to opportunities.
C. Convert the campaign response activities to leads.
D. Convert the email activities to opportunities.

Question No : 12

You have lead that has an open phone call activity. You qualify the load.
You need to identify what occurs to the open phone call.
What should you identify?

A. The activity is canceled.
B. The Regarding field of the activity is changed to the opportunity.
C. The activity is completed
D. The activity is displayed on the opportunity record.

Question No : 13

You are viewing the My Open Opportunities view.
You need to update the Rating field for all of the records that have the field set to warm.
Also, you must delete all of the values in the Probability field for all the records.
What are two possible ways to edit the data? Each correct answer presents a complete

A. Export the data as a dynamic worksheet
B. Export the data to a Microsoft Excel static worksheet
C. Open the view in Microsoft Excel Online.
D. Select the records and click Edit.

Question No : 14

For a Customer an invoice named Inv1 is created automatically from an order named Ord1.
The customer asks you to add a Hat delivery charge as a line item to the invoice. You do
not have a delivery charge in the product catalog. You need to add the delivery charge as a
line in the invoice. What should you click first?

A. Get Products
B. Write-in Product
C. Use Current Pricing
D. Recalculate

Question No : 15

You have a Dynamics CRM organization that uses Microsoft SharePoint for document
management by using server-side synchronization.
You need to identity which SharePoint actions tan be performed directly from CRM.
What should you identify?

A. Modify the settings of the columns in a SharePoint list.
B. View the document version history.
C. Display the documents contained in the SharePoint document library.
D. Create and manage SharePoint content types-

Question No : 16

You have 20 sales representatives who each has a monthly goal that measures the
number of phone calls made to their 10 key customers. The managers of the sale
representatives want you to add parent goals that track this activity over the next three
weeks for an internal competition.
You need to use a parent goal to track the team score, and child goals to track the
individual secures.
Which two of configurations should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the

A. new child goals that all use the same rollup queries.
B. Change the parent goal of each child goal.
C. Create a parent goal that has a custom period of three weeks from today
D. Change the manager of each child goal
E. Change the goal manager of each child goat.

Question No : 17

You create a new mailbox record for a user.
You define the synchronization methods for incoming and outgoing email, contacts, tasks,
and appointments.
You need to ensure that the mailbox can send and receive email.
Which two actions should you perform? Each answer presents part of the solution.

A. Set the Is forward Mailbox setting to No.
B. Configure the Approve Email setting.
C. Configure the Test & Enable Mailboxes setting.
D. Configure the Apply Default Email Settings setting.
E. Set the Is Forward Mailbox setting to Yes.

Question No : 18

You have a Dynamic CRM organization that has more than 700 active goals.
At the end of each year, your company reevaluates each goal.
You need to identify which value of the goals must be configured manually.
Which value should you identity?

A. Actual
B. target
C. Rollup Query - Actual
D. In-Progress
E. Rollup Query - In Process

Question No : 19

You have a Dynamics CRM organization that uses server-side synchronization to process
A manager requests that you create the mailbox records defined as shown in the following
Microsoft MB2-713 question 19
You need to identify which record will fail to be created.
Which record should you identify?

A. User2
B. User3
C. User1
D. User4

Question No : 20

You plan to export sales data that will be used in the annual report of your company. You
need to provide a copy of some of the sales data to the company stakeholders. Which
format can you use to export the data?

A. Adobe PDF
B. Microsoft Word
C. Microsoft PowerPoint
D. Microsoft Visio

Showing 1-20 of 48 Questions   (Page 1 out of 3)

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