ABOUT Woocow Hotpot

Experience traditional Chinese hot pot in Hong Kong Style. Woo Cow Hotpot was well known for its soups base and main ingredients. There are over 20 different soup bases and more than 180 different ingredients to choose from. The most picked ingredient must be our thinly sliced beef. We have different beef cuts from Loin, Lean Brisket and Ribs and more. Different parts bring you different taste and texture. Our innovative soup base can be categorized as beef basic, chicken basic, pork basic and seafood basic. These soups are eaten and drunk for their flavor and also for health benefits. Try our "Tom Yum Goong Soup" or "Sichuan Spicy Soup" if you are looking for something hot and spicy; while you can also try "Vegetarian Shark Fin with Chicken in white gourd” or "Pork Bones Pot" if you are looking for original taste. We offer private rooms with TV and pleasant seating for your enjoyment.

Dian Ping

One of my favorite hotpot restaurants in hk!

"I’ve been here several times with both my frds and family and they all loved it !"

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The "BEST" Hotpot Food

"Super fresh food with super good service"

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Open Rice

No. 1 Beef

"They specialise in quality beef hotpot"

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Many Different Sashimi

"The chicken soup base we had was really good"

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