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Question No : 1 - Topic 1

Drag and drop the Cisco IOS XE subpackage on the left to the function it performs on the
Cisco 400-101 question 1

Question No : 2 - Topic 1

Which statement about MSS is true?

A. It is negotiated between sender and receiver.
B. It is sent in all TCP packets.
C. It is 20 bytes lower than MTU by default.
D. It is sent in SYN packets.
E. It is 28 bytes lower than MTU by default.

Question No : 3 - Topic 1

Which statement is true regarding the UDP checksum?

A. It is used for congestion control.
B. It cannot be all zeros.
C. It is used by some Internet worms to hide their propagation.
D. It is computed based on the IP pseudo-header.

Question No : 4 - Topic 1

Refer to the exhibit.
Cisco 400-101 question 4
Your network is suffering excessive output drops. Which two actions can you take to
resolve the problem? (Choose two.)

A. Install a switch with larger buffers.
B. Configure a different queue set.
C. Reconfigure the switch buffers.
D. Configure the server application to use TCP.
E. Update the server operating system.

Question No : 5 - Topic 1

Drag and drop the fragmentation characteristics on the left to the corresponding protocol on
the right.
Cisco 400-101 question 5

Question No : 6 - Topic 1

Which two packet types does an RTP session consist of? (Choose two.)


Question No : 7 - Topic 1

Which two mechanisms can be used to eliminate Cisco Express Forwarding polarization?
(Choose two.)

A. alternating cost links
B. the unique-ID/universal-ID algorithm
C. Cisco Express Forwarding antipolarization
D. different hashing inputs at each layer of the network

Question No : 8 - Topic 1

What is a cause for unicast flooding?

A. Unicast flooding occurs when multicast traffic arrives on a Layer 2 switch that has directly connected multicast receivers.
B. When PIM snooping is not enabled, unicast flooding occurs on the switch that interconnects the PIM-enabled routers.
C. A man-in-the-middle attack can cause the ARP cache of an end host to have the wrong MAC address. Instead of having the MAC address of the default gateway, it has a MAC address of the man-in-the-middle. This causes all traffic to be unicast flooded through the man-in-the-middle, which can then sniff all packets.
D. Forwarding table overflow prevents new MAC addresses from being learned, and packets destined to those MAC addresses are flooded until space becomes available in the forwarding table.

Question No : 9 - Topic 1

Which option is the most effective action to avoid packet loss due to microbursts?

A. Implement larger buffers.
B. Install a faster CPU.
C. Install a faster network interface.
D. Configure a larger tx-ring size.

Question No : 10 - Topic 1

Refer to the exhibit.
Cisco 400-101 question 10
While troubleshooting high CPU utilization of a Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switch, you
notice the error message that is shown in the exhibit in the log file.
What can be the cause of this issue, and how can it be prevented?

A. The hardware routing table is full. Redistribute from BGP into IGP.
B. The software routing table is full. Redistribute from BGP into IGP.
C. The hardware routing table is full. Reduce the number of routes in the routing table.
D. The software routing table is full. Reduce the number of routes in the routing table.

Question No : 11 - Topic 1

Which two solutions can reduce UDP latency? (Choose two.)

A. fast retransmission
B. fast recovery
C. fast start
D. low-latency queuing
E. IP service level agreements
F. congestion-avoidance algorithm

Question No : 12 - Topic 1

Drag and drop the argument of the ip cef load-sharing algorithm command on the left to the
function it performs on the right.
Cisco 400-101 question 12

Question No : 13 - Topic 1

A TCP/IP host is able to transmit small amounts of data (typically less than 1500 bytes), but
attempts to transmit larger amounts of data hang and then time out. What is the cause of
this problem?

A. A link is flapping between two intermediate devices.
B. The processor of an intermediate router is averaging 90 percent utilization.
C. A port on the switch that is connected to the TCP/IP host is duplicating traffic and sending it to a port that has a sniffer attached.
D. There is a PMTUD failure in the network path.

Question No : 14 - Topic 1

Which two statements about packet fragmentation on an IPv6 network are true? (Choose

A. The fragment header is 64 bits long.
B. The identification field is 32 bits long.
C. The fragment header is 32 bits long.
D. The identification field is 64 bits long.
E. The MTU must be a minimum of 1280 bytes.
F. The fragment header is 48 bits long.

Question No : 15 - Topic 1

Which two options are interface requirements for turbo flooding? (Choose two.)

A. The interface is Ethernet.
B. The interface is configured for ARPA encapsulation.
C. The interface is PPP.
D. The interface is configured for GRE encapsulation.
E. The interface is configured for 802.1Q encapsulation.

Question No : 16 - Topic 1

Refer to the exhibit.
Cisco 400-101 question 16
What kind of load balancing is done on this router?

A. per-packet load balancing
B. per-flow load balancing
C. per-label load balancing
D. star round-robin load balancing

Question No : 17 - Topic 1

Which two pieces of information does RTCP use to inform endpoint devices about the RTP
flow? (Choose two.)

A. the transmitted octet
B. the lost packet count
C. session control function provisioning information
D. the CNAME for session participants
E. the authentication method
F. MTU size changes in the path of the flow

Question No : 18 - Topic 1

Which technology can create a filter for an embedded packet capture?

A. Control plane policing
B. Access lists
D. Traffic shaping

Question No : 19 - Topic 1

Which three options are sub-subfields of the IPv4 Option Type subfield? (Choose three.)

A. Option Class
C. Copied
E. Option Number

Question No : 20 - Topic 1

Which service is disabled by the no service tcp-small-servers command?

A. the finger service
B. the Telnet service
C. the Maintenance Operation Protocol service
D. the chargen service

Showing 1-20 of 995 Questions   (Page 1 out of 50)

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